Friday, February 17, 2017

Rob Kirby, Bix Weir & Chris Waltzek Ph.D.

Feb. 17, 2017
Featured Guests
Rob Kirby and Bix Weir

Show Highlights
  • Making his debut show appearance, Bix Weir of RoadtoRoot-A discusses his silver market research efforts.
  • Due to financial derivatives and sophisticated algorithms, the Fed / Treasury control the PMs markets.
  • The former Head Chairman, Sir Dr. Allen Greenspan wrote the first Root-A program at the Fed.
  • Bix Weir claims that Dr. Greenspan's programs underpin the PPT manipulation schemes.
  • Fans of the hit USA Network TV series, Mr. Robot may draw parallels between the protagonist, Elliot Alderson.
  • While many researchers claim the Comex gold / silver is 100:1, our guest identifies a more accurate figure of 2,000:1 paper to bullion.
  • The resulting non-transparency will eventually be embraced by investors, sending the metals to their natural equilibrium levels.
  • The true silver supply situation implies a substantial value opportunity - although the gold / silver ratio is near 70:1, the empirical ratio is 1:1.
  • The market could approach a chaotic tipping point - in 2016 100 billion paper ounces of silver were traded although only 50 billion ounces were ever mined!
  • The LBMA claims over 129 billion ounces traded; a mathematical impossibility resulting from paper money schemes.
  • Both guests this week agree with the host that the US Treasury operates under the table, vis-à-vis the PPT to subdue the PMs.
  • All silver ETFs and proxies remain mere proxies based on the fractional reserve system, magnifying the investment risks associated with rehypothecation.
  • The resulting threat to the global financial system is many times larger in scale / scope than the combined impact of MF Global, Bear Stearns and Lehman.
  • Bix Weir plans to hold silver until market manipulation ends.
  • A convincing case is made for 1:1 gold / silver making the theoretical value of silver is at least $1,300+, a 100 fold relative discount to current prices.
  • Similar to the tragic water reservoir failure currently unfolding in California, Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics identifies extreme risks to the financial markets.
  • Even the mainstream press is starting to acknowledge the risks posed by market manipulation schemes, in particular, in the PMs sector.
  • Bitcoin GBTC is one of the few remaining de facto free markets, for the most part, as institutions have few short-selling options available.
  • As enticing as Bitcoin appears on paper, threats to the blockchain structure could lead to an exodus of funds into the PMs.
  • Evidently, 3 fold the annual gold production was sold in the market during the US Presidential election, evidence of market manipulation on a grand scale.
  • Our guest proposes that the US Treasury is operating vis-à-vis the Exchange Stabilization Fund / PPT, to subdue the PMs to maintain US dollar hegemony.
  • Policymakers are slowly recognizing that Bitcoin and related alternatives represent a modern example of Gresham's Law.
  • Bitcoin is emblematic of the end game of the neo-Keynesian economic system.
  • Will the fiat currencies eventually succumb to Bitcoin, the only unencumbered currency in circulation?
  • Rob Kirby suggests that the rise in popularity of Bitcoin stems directly from global distrust of central banking operations.

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Chris Waltzek Ph.D.
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Friday, February 10, 2017

John Williams and Peter Grandich

Feb. 10, 2017
Featured Guests
John Williams and Peter Grandich

Show Highlights
  • Rogue economist, John Williams of says the US dollar rally is a fata morgana, a rate hike bluff by Fed policymakers.
  • The 2008 market collapse / Great Recession never ended; the Treasury / Fed merely sidestepped financial calamity at an enormous cost.
  • Ultimately, the FOMC will be coerced by market forces, resulting in lower rates and sizable balance sheets via toxic debt purchases.
  • Unbeknownst to most citizens, the US Fed's is a private protective unit for the banking / financial elite.
  • Ever since 1932, whenever the growth of real disposable income "takeoff pay" is below 3 percent, the incumbent Presidential candidate always wins.
  • While our guest has high hopes for the new Administration, the 12 month lead time between stimulus and actual results could disappoint the typical American.
  • Our guest expects the Greenback to continue decent to lower lows, resulting in hyperinflation.
  • Only gold / silver investments will thrive under the end game he outlines; every household accumulate several months of canned items and ample cash / PMs.
  • Similar to the New Madrid earthquake stunned the Midwest by reversing the flow of the Mississippi, the next financial crisis will offer little warning time.
  • The new Administration could right the economic titanic in part by reviving the 40 page Glass-Stegall act to heal the financial system.
  • Peter Grandich of Peter Grandich and Company and host discuss one analyst's call for a seemingly outlandish silver price range of $100,000-1,000,000 silver.
  • Bix Weir makes a solid case for a 1:1:1 gold / silver / Dow ratio due to unique supply / demand conditions.
  • Silver deposits pool near the surface, unlike gold, which is characterized by deep mineral veins that extend miles beneath the crust of the earth.
    Most of the easy to find silver may have already been discovered.
  • Insatiable industrial demand for silver as illustrated by a nearly vertical, inelastic demand curve.
  • Once the 165 year old price suppression scheme (Bix Weir) is exposed, little if any silver will be available for investment / currency purposes.
  • Demand is also heating up for gold as a currency safe haven; the price spiked to $3,600 briefly in India two months earlier in India.
  • Inevitably a PMs backed cryptocurrency, similar to BitCoin is a plausible reserve alternative.
  • With the impending exit of Italy from the EU, Peter Grandich expects the EU to continue to unravel, potentially leading to the dissolution of the EU experiment. In summary, Peter Grandich finds gold / silver the most undervalued investment class, worldwide.

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