Friday, March 24, 2017

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and Peter Spina

March 24, 2017
Featured Guests
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and Peter Spina

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Show Highlights
  • Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy returns with perhaps the most dire news to date.
  • He questions the validity of the official 4.7% employment figure, preferring instead the 23% unemployment number.
  • The discrepancy arises because job seekers are considered unemployed after only a few weeks of inactivity.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) inflates the monthly figure by 100,000-200,000 jobs by way of hedonic measures.
  • The true inflation rate is twice the current level via the U6 - the slight of hand allows unscrupulous officials to maintain unfairly low social security payments.
  • Billions of dollars of paper shorts dumped on the gold futures market via the Plunge Protection Team (PPT) aids and abets the manipulation scheme.
  • Ultimately, our guest anticipates a global nuclear cataclysm as internal forces foment conflict between the US and its major trading partners.
  • / President and founder, Peter Spina returns to the show with his mining share analysis, from his home in the Czech Republic.
  • Similar to the PMs sector, Prague has emerged from the former communist regime, entering a new Golden Era.
  • Peter outlines the unique character / appeal of the central European culture, including the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Peter outlines the remarkable 500% return on 5 of his gold mining candidates recently announced at a Vancouver conference.
  • While virtually every PMs stock performed spectacularly in 2016, Peter Spina emphasizes the importance of quality in 2017.
  • Companies like Silver Wheaton (SWC) and Royal Gold (RGLD) are covered.
  • The guest / host concur that at the core of every successful investment portfolio lies gold / silver bullion.
  • Northern Vertex Mining (NEE.v), a company in which he continues to accumulate shares (Figure 1.1) is opening a mine in Arizona.
  • NEE.v continues substantial exploration work and is located in a favorable location near Las Vegas.
  • The duo also agree that the silver sector represents a remarkable valuation opportunity.


Friday, March 17, 2017

Peter Grandich and Bob Hoye

March 17, 2017
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Featured Guests
Peter Grandich and Bob Hoye

Show Highlights
  • Bob Hoye of Institutional Advisors rejoins the show in rare form with timely market commentary and historical perspective.
  • Although a confirmed gold bull, Bob Hoye questions the validity of the gold manipulation story, preferring instead to monitor the gold / silver ratio.
  • Currently, indicators suggest ensuing chaos in the credit market via the high yield / low grade bond market.
  • Each time over the past decade that proprietary technical indicators reached current levels, the US stock market reached a critical peak.
  • The superstar cryptocurrency Bitcoin revolution recently eclipsed the price of gold for the first time, signifying high demand for currency anonymity.
  • Given the challenges involved with investing in Bitcoins, the only Bitcoin ETF, GBTC is a convenient alternative.
  • Part of the appeal underpinning the Bitcoin phenomenon results from the ease of divisibility of units. Bitcoins are divisible down to a Satoshi, 0.00000001.
  • No matter how high the price may skyrocket, Bitcoins can be purchased at any increment for any transaction.
  • The bifurcation allows for speculation in Bitcoins in tandem with monetary usage.
  • Bob Hoye applauds cryptocurrency aficionados for moving the global economy away from centralization.
  • The breakthrough facilitates greater freedom for digital denizens forcing bureaucrats to conform to the digital revolution.
  • The recent stealth rate hike by the FOMC appears to be a trap set for unsuspecting investors.
  • The FFF contracts predicted several more months before a quarter point hike in the benchmark lending rate.
  • The discussion veers into the realm of quantum mechanics / computing, Q-bits, CERN, the large hadron collider in France / Switzerland and parallel universes.
  • According to peer-reviewed literature, each Q-bit has access to an alternative / parallel universe, allowing for an exponential increase in computing speeds.
  • While the outdated quantum computer, D-Wave, was faster than 7 billion human minds, the entire global populace.
  • Peter Grandich of Peter Grandich and Company notes, "I haven't been this bullish on gold in 20 years."
  • The duo discuss today's FOMC meeting where concerns over domestic inflation and an overheating economy lead Fed officials to raise the lending rate.
  • The quarter point rate hike sent the PMs sector sharply higher.
  • The event could signify much better times ahead for gold and silver investors as the US dollar trade may be crowded.
  • Given the Atlanta Federal Reserve's 1% GDP target, policymakers could reverse course as soon as Spring of next year.
  • When merely a fraction of the funds pouring into the US equities / Greenback / energy markets from around the globe are redirected to the PMs sector.
  • The confluence of events will catapult gold and silver investments past their 2011 zeniths.
  • Several Western US states are adding legislation that makes gold and silver legal tender, removing state capital gains taxes.
  • Although off topic, Edward Snowden recently announced an intriguing hypothesis regarding extraterrestrial communications, via encryption.

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