Friday, April 28, 2017

Gerald Celente & Michael Pento

April 28, 2017
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Gerald Celente & Michael Pento

Show Highlights
  • Michael Pento, President and Founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies makes his debut on Radio.
  • Fed policymakers are bluffing on rate hikes - their true intention is rate cuts, amid 350% national debt per GNP.
  • "The Fed will never again be able to normalize interest rates (allow to climb significantly) without sending the economy into a tailspin."
  • "The Fed has already tightened enough to send the economy (domestic) into a recession."
  • Officials no longer have the luxury of low interest rates after holding rates low for 100 months (8+ years).
  • According to the Atlanta Fed's numbers, the economy is approaching recessiony GDP - Michael Pento anticipates a recession in 2017.
  • While the official US unemployment rate, the U3 suggests near full-employment, the more accurate / traditional metric, the U6 is ominous.
  • The U6 indicates nearly 100 million Americans are underemployed.
  • The next economic dominos to fall could be China the EU and Japan, with debt climbing four times the GDP rate in China.
  • Equities investors are advised to take note - earnings are comparable to 2014 - little forward progress has occurred since then.
  • Key takeaway point: gold investors are advised to watch for an inversion of the yield curve, indicating a major new trend is likely.
  • The yield curve inverted ahead of the 2008 Great Recession and will likely come to pass before the next inevitable / economic cataclysm.
  • Our guest anticipates the next recession will result in the sharpest decline in economic output since the Great Depression.
  • Negative real interest rates will eventually accelerate the velocity of money, a hallmark of ruinous galloping inflation.
  • Once the process gains momentum, policymakers will manage the debt by allowing the US dollar to decline against rival currencies.
  • To compensate for the ensuing economic chaos, policymakers are preparing the global populace via legislation for Minimum Standard of Living payments.
  • Our guest suggests increasing gold bullion exposure to 10-20% by late 2017.
  • Head of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente returns with comments on gold and US equities.
  • Geopolitical events are escalating amid saber rattling with Syria and North Korea.
  • Such events oftentimes result in market trends with key implications for global investors.
  • Although the post-election rally in US shares is impressive, a reaction is necessary to sustain the upward momentum.
  • With sluggish retail sales via the "Retail Apocalypse," Wall Street may continue to rally while Main Street stagnates.
  • Global currency volatility is improving the appeal of alternatives, such as gold and Bitcoin.
  • Once the yellow metal crosses $1,400, Gerald Celente anticipates a new bull rally will drive the precious metal above the former 2011 peak to $2,000.
  • The Trends Journal compares cannabis legalization to 1933 and the end of prohibition.
  • Canada recently decriminalized cannabis and many US states allow recreational / medicinal usage.
  • Colorado is earning more tax revenue on a medicinal herb than on toxic potent potables.
  • Gerald Celente and the host question why yet another tiny impoverished county is the target of the world's most potent military force.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Louis Navellier, Chris Powell and Chris Waltzek


Chris Powell outlines the documented PMs market rigging / manipulation.
  • Key investment banks settled nearly $100 million in combined gold and silver manipulation settlements.
  • According to's findings, our officials have carte blanch authority to rig the markets in any way they see fit and by any means necessary.
  • Without price transparency, free markets cannot exist.
  • The duo examine the impact of their machinations, questioning if any investor can avoid the impact of price rigging.
  • One of's sources reveals that the central banks of central banks, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) actively rigs the gold market.
  • Not the fox but the lion guards the hen house.
  • Koos Jansen, financial journalist Guillermo Barba and other researchers lead the charge by questioning global central banks about their gold reserves.
  • In 1998, Dr. Alan Greenspan testified before Congress that the Fed and their counterparts rig the gold market to the benefit of global society.
  • Despite the best efforts of Indian government officials, 1 billion citizens refused to turn over their 24,000 tons of gold holdings.
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    • Chris welcomes back Louis Navellier of Navellier & Associates. Louis Navellier discusses his top portfolio candidates.
    • Favorite gold mining stock, Franco FNV, and a lithium mining firm are discussed.
    • The host and guest agree on the merits of one key company, major chip maker, nVidia, NVDA, which produces GPU technology.
    • Favorite energy stocks include Pioneer Natural Resources PXD and Devon Energy DVN.
    • Expect technology shares to outperform in 2017 as new chip technology from Apple AAPL continues to push the sector higher.
    • Optical switching companies such as Applied Optoelectronics AAOI and Oclaro OCLR are speeding up modems and could to facilitate 4k video streaming.
    • Companies continue to repurchase their capital stock, reducing share float and by proxy increasing price.
    • The only major threat to US shares could be the failure to pass the corporate tax reform plan.
    • If the measures fail to pass Capital hill, the event threatens to derail the US stock market advance.