Friday, April 19, 2019

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April 19th, 2019
Featured Guests
Stanton Friedman
Harry S. Dent Jr.
  • Harry S. Dent Jr. brings fresh insights on the US financial markets in his latest appearance.
  • US equities remain one of a handful of stock bourses to make set new records since 2018.
  • The stock market resiliency may be due in part to approximately $16 trillion of monetary-stimulus.
  • Excessive liquidity injections could foment an epic financial bubble crescendo, culminating with Nasdaq 10,000.
  • The current system appears to be "gamed" to such a degree that the unexpected could unfold in the blink of an eye.
  • A few decades earlier, paper and coins and checks comprised the bulk of circulating currency.
  • Today, digital fund have been magnified significantly and distributed among numerous leveraged financial instruments
  • Added complexity could make anticipating the outcome of an economic crisis opaque at best for the typical investor.
  • Harry S. Dent Jr.'s expectation for Bitcoin to soar to $32,000 within a year, if US shares experience a runaway bull market.
  • The duo agree to hold at least 10% in precious metals, the other financial "free lunch.
  • At least a 1% holding in cryptocurrencies, currently accepted by several US states for tax payment purposes is advisable.
  • It seems inevitable that a key central bank will announce the accumulation of not only gold and silver, but also Bitcoin.
  • The end result could ignite a Bitcoin gold rush of epic proportions, a buying frenzy unseen in modern times.
  • Naysayers are advised to review the low capitalization of the crypto currencies relative to the bubble.
  • The crypto market cap is a fraction of the peak.
  • Investors are encouraged to embrace cryptos as much more than mere currencies.
  • Cryptos offer digital freedom and improvements in security, transparency as well as anonymity.
  • Digital tokens are a gateway to a unique spectrum of industries in a nascent stage.
  • The second largest crypto, Ethereum is a currency as well as highly dynamic digital-asset, and contract platform.
  • Cryptos are transforming business transactions in numerous sectors, including real estate, education, insurance, etc.
  • The stratosphere is the limit for digital tokens as corporate executives and government officials alike embrace the innovative technology among a seemingly endless array of use-cases, such as Bitcoin forks that permit highly affordable embedding of contracts / images / data / books, etc., in a permanent and highly accessible immutable ledger.
  • Physicist Stanton Friedman makes his show debut with an overview of his efforts to advance interstellar travel.
  • The former classmate of Carl Sagan spent 14 years designing fusion / fission propulsion systems for space travel.
  • One of the NASA nuclear engines, merely 8 feet in diameter emitted twice the energy output of the massive Hoover dam.
  • Astronomers and cosmologists have updated the likelihood of habitable planets in the universe to perhaps millions.
  • Each star hosts at least one planet on average and there are 150+ billion stars in the Milky Way, one of 200 billion galaxies.
  • Evidence suggests that the earth is in contact and perhaps being visited by extraterrestrial devices.
  • A small number of which are controlled by entities from another world.
  • A chief concern of civilizations beyond the earth could be preventing disruptive encounters with other cultures.
  • Stanton Friedman supports the host's notion that top secret space programs may have traveled to distant planets.
  • 1 g-force acceleration is sufficient to approach light speed in just one year, reaching Proxima Centauri in just 5 years, similar to the interstellar ships proposed by NASA. Radio
Closer look at story on NASA / JPL Mars photos...
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Saturday, April 13, 2019

April 12th, 2019
Featured Guests
Martin Armstrong & Dr. Douglas Vogt

  • The head of the Diehold Foundation, Dr. Douglas Vogt makes his show debut in Part I of the discussion.
  • The Diehold message could be the most important message of the last 12,000 years.
  • The author of several must read books, hosts a wealth of knowledge building videos on Youtube.
  • The key message is dire warning of potentially disruptive-geological events on the horizon.
  • Our guest resolves anomalies that suggest our sun experiences regular novas at great cost to the planet earth.
  • The research could resolve why woolly mammoths and rhinos are regularly found frozen instantly near the North Pole.
  • The host suggests that Jupiter and perhaps Saturn may have had micro-novas of their own.
  • This offers one of many possible explanations for the geological aberrations on their extensive planetary moon systems.
  • Our guest's work helps to substantiate a hypothesis published by the host 5 years earlier.
  • The reason why the surface of the sun is merely 7 thousand degrees and less than that of lightening on earth, relative to the much hotter surrounding region, is likely due to a crust that accumulates on the star's surface.
  • The head of Armstrong Economics, Martin Armstrong rejoins the show in Part II of the discussion.
  • The dialogue includes an overview of the Presidential Cycle and US stock market performance.
  • Stock indexes could climb to record highs if history acts as a guide amid fresh foreign capital inflows.
  • Global investors seek out the key shares with big media exposure, such as the Dow 30 components.
  • Martin Armstrong expects precious metals and equities based cryptocurrencies to outperform their peers.
  • Several key gold / silver stocks have shown solid signs of performance amid the multi-month US equities rally.
  • High cash levels of the typical US investment portfolio is in search of new profit opportunities.
  • Key takeaway point; investors should ignore the sea of negativity surrounding US stocks as The Forecaster expects shares to climb 50%: "... we'll see 40,000 Dow Jones before we see 10,000...