Monday, December 12, 2005

Gold and Silver Top In Place. Sell Alert Was Issued On This Site, Sunday, December 12th!!!

Gold and Silver are Topping
Bob Moriarty
December 13, 2005

When everyone wants to sell a commodity, you should buy. When everyone wants to buy a commodity you should sell. There is no more reliable indicator of tops or bottoms than sentiment. And the bullish sentiment on gold is a near record 89% with gold up a record-tying 8 days in a row.

Actually there is one indicator slightly more accurate than the Bullish Sentiment and that is the Bill Murphymeter. On December 3 of 2003 he said, "*We have remained above $400 for three days in a row. If my hunch about a gold derivatives neutron bomb is correct, it should go off within days to a week."

Bill's at it again which means another top - at least for the near future - when he said Monday, "*A Gold derivatives neutron bomb will go off. Could happen at any time."

For the last three years, if you had bought minging shares at the April/May lows and sold at the November/December highs, you could have doubled your money every year. This year is no different. Gold is in a bull market and in a bull market prices go up and they go down.

Come back and buy next April/May and you will do just fine.