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Saturday, May 27th
Show Highlights:
Jason Hommel - Silver Stock Report
Trading Wizards: Bob Chapman, Gary Kaltbaum and Jack Chan return to explain the current weakness in precious metals and the stock market as well as their market forecasts.

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Jason Hommel Bio: I was born in April, 1970. I grew up alpine ski racing in Lake Tahoe, California. In college I was on the alpine race team at the University of Colorado - Boulder. Lesson learned: hard work and study of your sport pays off with spectacular success.
I graduated in 1994 with a B.A. in Psychology. I was most interested in Sports Psychology and Business Psychology. My other interest was Philosophy.
In 1996-97, I was assistant manager of Healthy Habits Restaurant for a year and a half. Lesson learned: Be careful of who you work for. It's best to work for yourself...

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