Wednesday, August 16, 2006


August 12th

Show Highlights:

  • In the first hour, after a quick review of this weeks top market headlines, we'll hear from the Goldwizards. Gary Kaltbaum explains what makes a bear market as well as his the indicators that he's watching to help gauge market direction. Next, Bob Chapman examines every aspect of this weeks markets, including the FOMC meeting, precious metals, stocks and real estate market.
  • In the second hour, John Loeffler from the financial sense news team and Steel on Steel shares his 40 years of investigative journalism experience with the listeners. John is a big silver bull and expects precious metals to go into orbit in the years ahead. He also brings his insightful and entertaining geopolitical perspective. John presents a free month of access to his show exclusively to Goldseek listeners, simply direct your Internet browsers to and enter the word "goldseek" (lower-case) for your login and password. Once you do, you'll have access to their current shows as well as the archives.

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John Loeffler is a 40-year broadcast news veteran and host of the weekly news program Steel on Steel (, which began in 1990, heard on the Information Radio Network. Steel on Steel deals with currint edge geopolitical, polotical or religious and cultural issues. John also co-hosts the weekly financial program The Financial Sense Newshour with Jim Puplava (

Steel on Steel has always been a cutting edge news program highlighting trends that many called “impossible.” The first program on “future” Islamic terrorism took place in 1995. “Usama bin Laden” was first mentioned in August of 1996 with the first program on potential weapons of mass destruction and biological warfare occurring in 1998. Steel on Steel accurately predicted the collapse of the Oslo Peace Accords and the re-emergence of an Intifada. In August of 2001 SOS did its last show on the “future” radical Islamic terrorism, which was validated a month later by the events of 9/11.