Saturday, September 09, 2006

GOLDSEEK RADIO: Joe Granville, Kal Gronvall & Chris Waltzek

September 9th, Show Highlights:

*Joe Granville & Kal Gronvall*

In part one, the show begins with a recap of this weeks top market headlines. Next, the Goldwizards join me to discuss the markets. Ever bullish, Bob Chapman shows why gold will shoot to 1,700 in the next few years as soon as 2008. He offers a gold stock that he thinks could triple or more in the next few years. Next, Gary Kaltbaum continues to monitor the semiconductor sector for market clues. He believes the semi's are the best leading indicator. Plus, Jack Chan tells listeners how to glean valuable information from the COT data and provides a website with free COT charts.
In part two this week, legendary market watcher Joseph Granville is skeptical regarding the recent stock market rally. He thinks that the trend has changed and that the short sellers are in control and making money. Joe cites a bearish Dow Theory divergence as the catalyst which could bring the entire market to its knees. He tells market neophytes and experts alike how to implement his proprietary indicators, the OBV and the Granville New High/Low. He also explains that although company earnings is a poor forecasting tool, it remains the most watched statistic by Wall street and Main street alike. Next, the dollar is collapsing according to Kal Gronvall. Kal is concerned that silver bugs may be misguided and he lays out his plan for all precious metals investors. He's a much bigger fan of gold at these levels. Kal is absolutely convinced that the dollar will collapse within less than three years.