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GOLDSEEK RADIO, NOV 4: Peter Spina, Chris Mayer, Todd Schoenberger, Mike Johnson

November 4th, Show Highlights:

After a review of the top business headlines, this weeks show starts off with Peter Spina's new radio segment. Peter is a leading gold, silver and uranium stock analyst with an incredible track record. Just how high will silver climb in the next 12 months, Peter will shock and awe you with his forecast. Next up, Michael Johnson from the Liberty Dollar stops by to discuss the alarming government announcement regarding Liberty rounds. With over $20 million worth of Liberty dollars circulating among 100,000 people, the Liberty's success may be its own undoing and it appears to be rattling the supporters of the unsound monetary system. Michael sites GATA's recent response that the government reserves its right to confiscate gold in the interest of the nation during a crisis. Next, Gary Kaltbaum gives his thoughts on the short term market technicals. The first hour wraps up with, Goldseek Radios spotlight pick of the week.

In the second hour, Chris Mayer has identified what appears to be the next golden opportunity. The bull is alive in the black and yellow gold markets. Chris thinks blue gold is the the place to start investing next. Guess how many gallons of water it takes to produce a single automobile? According to his research, thousands of gallons and they all need to be treated first. Chris illustrates how to participate in this booming sector with diversification and safety rolled into one ticker symbol. Next, The Diligent Investor, Todd Schoenberger helps Goldseek Radio listeners improve their stock portfolio performance. Todd says the stars are aligned for a new bull run in the crude oil sector. He offers two related stock picks to profit from the new off shore drilling bill before Congress. Goldseek Radios' intrepid Bob Chapman is expected to return next week.

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- - Goldforecaster:

Peter Spina

Peter Spina, - Goldforecaster
Peter Spina shares his technical and fundamental insights into the precious metals markets including the lucrative metal equities with a strong focus on investment opportunities in the junior and exploration sector.

Peter's experience with the precious metal markets started back in the mid-1990s, which led to the creation of back in 1995. Today ranks in the top three global gold sites and its sister site, ranks as the most visited silver website in the world.

Back at the start of the new secular precious metals bull market, Peter established the techically-focused subscription newsletter, Gold Seeker Report, which at the start of 2005 was merged into the more comprehensive Gold Forecaster service.

- Capital and Crisis:

Christopher Mayer

Christopher Mayer is the editor of Capital and Crisis (formerly The Fleet Street Letter) and Mayer's Special Situations. His essays have appeared on a number of Web sites and publications, including, The Mises Institute, the Freeman, The Daily Reckoning,,,,, Grant's Investor and Individual Investor Magazine. His views on financial matters have also been widely quoted, including in the highly regarded Grant's Interest Rate Observer.

Chris began his career in banking, specifically, corporate lending, after earning an MBA with a concentration in finance. He later started writing Capital & Crisis, a monthly newsletter that gave Chris' unique brand of financial commentary a more regular and expanded format. With an unusual fondness for old books, old investors and old ideas, Chris fits perfectly into the Capital & Crisis mold.

- Diligent Investor:

Todd M. Schoenberger

Todd M. Schoenberger began his career in the financial services industry as a Broker with Merrill Lynch & Co. where he specialized in helping individual investors achieve financial independence. After Merrill, Todd joined Legg Mason Wood Walker as an Institutional Trader where he was responsible for managing over US$140Million of cash for several publicly traded technology companies. After the stock market bubble burst, Todd teamed with an institutional mutual fund company named Rydex Funds where he trained financial professionals on the intricacies of using leveraged mutual funds inside sophisticated market-timing strategies. Todd then helped to create, an online variable annuity provider specializing in low-cost, investor-friendly insurance products for financial advisors. After, Todd decided to test his knowledge and formed his own no-load variable annuity known as the Genesis Variable Annuity, which is distributed globally to individual investors and financial professionals.

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Nov 5, 2006
195th Edition
Chris G. Waltzek
*$527 Gold - $12.55 Silver*

For the fourth consecutive week, the gold bull stampede roared forward, sending the dazed bear back to its den for an early hibernation. As of Friday's close, the yellow metal moved higher for the 9th consecutive session, decisively conquering the psychologically significant $600 resistance level. A continued dollar sell-off was credited with much of this weeks rally. Lower than expected manufacturing and consumer confidence figures worried investors over an economic hard landing, sending the already battered currency to a five week low. Investors, once again chose the safe haven precious metals alternative to equities and dollars.

For the week, gold tacked on $29 to close at $627 while silver gained 55 cents to close at $12.55. Merely one year ago, the yellow metal was trading at $460. Its currently higher by $160 a 35% profit. While silver has climbed from the $7.50 level, rising by $5.00 a 65% return. Precious metals remain very resilient leading top analysts to forecast new highs in the next 12 months.

Moving on, the dollar headed lower this week, on the heals of last weeks Commerce Department report showing a highly negative economic growth picture. Weaker than expected consumer confidence and manufacturing reports inflamed concerns that the path of least resistance for interest rates would shift from neutral to downward. According to media sources, The National Association of Puchasing Managers noted the nations benchmark manufacturing index declined, indicating the slowest growth in recent memory. The news hit the dollar market and equities markets hard - sending a flood of funds into precious metals and bonds. Investors worried that the Federal Reserve would be forced to cut rates next year to support the weakening economic environment. Lower rates decrease the dollars attractiveness as investors seek out higher rates of return and inflation hedges.

In geopolitical news, Iran rejected another UN Security Council order to halt its uranium enrichment program on Friday. Tehran stated that its nuclear plans are inevitable at this point. Iran recently announced it had advanced its enrichment process to the point that full scale nuclear fuel production is viable. In response to Iran's defiance to the UN deadlines, the US, Britain, Germany, France, China and Russia met on Friday to determine the appropriate economic sanctions. The committee agreed upon diplomatic incentives, should Tehran agree to cease its nuclear program. Secretary of State, Condolezza Rice noted: she thinks the Iranians are a threat, and that's why the international community's must be strong in resisting their nuclear ambitions.

In related news, on Thursday, Iran renewed concerns by launching its new long-range ballistic missile during military exercises. The war games were termed: "Great Prophet 2," and are expected to focus on the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard launched more than 20 Shahab-3 missiles on Thursday. Shahab-3 have a 1,200 mile ranges and are capable of reaching US military facilities in the region, according to media reports. Western authorities interpreted the missile launch as a threat tactic - an attempt by Tehran to intimidate their resolve.

Interestingly, the US and its allies are defending the world's largest oil terminal in Saudi Arabia amid rumors of a possible al-Qaida threat. 3 U.S. aircraft carriers with supporting fleet ships are located irritatingly close to Iran's coast, leading some analysts to speculate US forces may attempt a preemptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities in the not so distant future.

In related news, The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries continue to hold market watchers captive regarding Opec's Oct. 20 decision to curtail production by 1.2 million barrels per day. In fact, Opec is considering a further cut of 500,000 barrels per day at its upcoming December meeting. However, congress was not pleased with the decisions. A report issued by the Joint Economic Committee noted that Opec's oil limiting policies are the biggest cause of crude oil price volatility - insisting that Opec intended to further exploit the already tightening demand situation. The committee noted that Opec's policies increase fears of supply shortages and thus push crude oil prices artificially higher.

In related news, reports surfaced in Nigeria, Africa's largest crude oil producing nation, concerning the kidnaping of 2 oil workers. According to media reports, an American and a British hostage were captured this week. The news worried investors that the region might become more unstable, effectively igniting the powder keg, leading to supply shortages and higher crude prices. Oil shipments from Nigeria experience a lag time of approximately 1 month before arriving at domestic refineries. For the week, black gold gave back a point closing near $59 per barrel. The market continues to gyrate within its month long downward sloping trading range as investors search for a solid recover point. Top analysts such as Jim Puplava continue to pound the table over crude oil prices in excess of 75 dollars with the next 12 months.

In gold equities news, on Wednesday Newmont Mining Corp. announced a 3rd quarter profit increase of almost 60 percent, well above analyst forecasts. The firm credited soaring gold prices, climbing from the 400 dollar to 600 dollar level. Additionally, lower crude oil costs have likely increased Newmont's profit margins.

In numismatic news, Archaeologists announced a rare find of 1,000 silver coins on the Swedish island of Gotland the largest Island in the Baltic sea and a strategic port in the ancient Viking trade routes. The treasure rested undisturbed for a millennium before 20 year old Edvin Sandborg, and his younger brother Arvid found the treasure while doing yard work last week. The brothers contacted the local museum which dug up the remaining Viking artifacts and are expected to receive a reward for their trouble. So all of our younger listeners, be sure to help with the yard work, who knows, there might be a reward for your trouble.


In gold equities news, shares of metals and mining companies roared forward completing a month long rally by Friday. As forecast in last weeks update, the XAU saw weakness on Monday but recovered at the 50 period moving average. Gold stocks staged a powerful rally, re-testing the 200 period moving average three times before closing right at the psychologically significant level. THE BOTTOM LINE ON GOLD STOCKS: Although the daily price was halted at the 200 period ma, the weekly close was impressive. Watch the 200 period moving average for a break-out to higher numbers.

Moving on to the precious metals charts: After two months of failed attempts, gold roared past its 200 period moving average, surpassing a critical bottleneck. THIS WEEKS BOTTOM LINE ON PRECIOUS METALS: Now that both gold and silver have cleared the 50 and 200 period moving averages, I expect the surprise to be on the upside. This sector continues to shock investors with its impressive upward momentum. I expect strength early next week as the rally moves forward.

In equities news, a broad based sell-off brought once ebullient investors back to their senses this week. The equities benchmark Dow Jones Industrials closed lower every day this week, breaching the psychologically important 12,000 point. The Dow retreated by 104 points, closing at 11,086. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 gave back 13 to close at 1,364 and the Nasdaq retreated, closing at 2,330 a 20 point loss. THIS WEEKS BOTTOM LINE FOR STOCKS: As forecast in last weeks segment, the markets were due to for a pullback. The Semiconductor index remains weak and closed below its trading range on Friday. I expect stocks to seek out firm support next week and then stage a surprise rally.

And wrapping up this weeks market report, with the Goldseek Radio spotlight pick of the week. This weeks pick is actually not an individual stock but multiple etf suggestions. As regular listeners know by now, the bull market in commodities remains very much alive and we expect it to stay so for many years to come. The big play currently is in the precious metals and energy sectors. We're also watching alternatives to traditional energy companies for a big price break out. Long term positions in the gold, silver and crude oil exchange traded funds are wise at this point. I expect crude oil to return to its peak level within the next year which translates into a potential 50% return. Similarly, Peter Spina is now publicly announcing a $25 forecast for silver in the next 12 months, a possible 100% return. At this time, it appears to be the opportunity of a lifetime. However, it does take an independent mind to ignore the crowd and its group think mentality and instead to go where the best risk to reward exists. The key is to shun margin, and build positions using dollar cost averaging.
Also, its helpful to ignore the ticker tape for weeks, even months at a time. To remain true to one's convictions, its key to listen to the top people like Jim Puplava, Jim Rogers and a handful of others who will help guide us on the path to financial freedom. Hang in there, were all in this market together and that's where I'm putting the pennies from my piggy back too. If you'd like this weeks stock ticker symbols as well as future picks, send over an email to: to be added to our automated mailing list. The list is private and no spam will be sent - members can opt out at any time. The address again:

You won't want to miss the second hour of the program with my featured guests, Chris Mayer and Todd Schoenberger.

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