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Dollar Drops To New Low...


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Chevalier Harry D. Schultz, KHC, KM, KCPR, KCSA, KCSS, is the highest paid investment consultant in the world at US$3,500/hour—US$4,900/hour on weekends (International Edition Guinness Book of Records 1981-2000.)

(While Mr. Schultz is not listed in the year 2004 edition of the Guinness Book of Records, he did receive a very thoughtful letter from the publishers explaining why. It seems they have 80,000 different records in their database. But they only have space for 3,500 in each edition. So they must rotate which are listed, which are not, each year. They assured to Mr. Schultz that he is still the titleholder of the Highest Paid Investment Consultant, a title he's held consecutively for the last 24 years.)

Mr. Schultz is regularly quoted in books, articles, and interviews and by other newsletters (the "alternative press"). Arthur Hailey, a longtime personal friend and HSL subscriber, based his character Lewis Dorsey in the bestseller The Moneychangers, directly on Harry Schultz. Harry has lived for extended periods in 18 nations, and shorter periods in many others. Knighted five times, Harry is a man for all seasons and a true citizen of the world.

- A Game As Old As Empire:

Ellen Augustine-

Antonia Juhasz-

Ellen Augustine’s passion to create a just, peaceful, and sustainable world has led her to run for U.S. Congress and found/cofound four nonprofits focusing on media violence, mentoring at-risk youth, citizen diplomacy, and environmental restoration. She co-authored (as Ellen Schwartz) Taking Back Our Lives in the Age of Corporate Dominance from an optimism that simultaneously recognizes the urgency of our times and the power of intention and conscious action. She currently speaks on “Stories of Hope”: profiles of people who are creating businesses that increase profits by being eco-friendly, communities and schools that nurture and sustain us, and initiatives that revitalize our environment ( She has been a voice for the common good—balancing the present and future needs of people and the planet in all decisions—on numerous radio and television shows, and in magazines such as Utne Reader. She has served on several nonprofit boards, including the National Women’s Political Caucus and the Sierra Club.

Antonia Juhasz-
Antonia Juhasz is a visiting scholar at the Washington, D.C.–based Institute for Policy Studies and author of The Bush Agenda: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time, which explores the Bush administration’s use of the military to advance a corporate globalization agenda in Iraq and throughout the Middle East. Juhasz previously served as the project director of the International Forum on Globalization and as a legislative assistant to Congressmen John Conyers Jr. and Elijah Cummings. An award-winning writer, her work appears regularly on the Op Ed pages of the Los Angeles Times as well as numerous author newspapers and publications. She is contributing author to Alternatives to Economic Globalization: A Better World Is Possible (Berrett-Koehler, 2004). She lives in San Francisco.

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