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GOLDSEEK RADIO, May 5th, Greg McCoach & Chris Waltzek

May 5th Show:

Gold Bull Alive & Well -

Up $8...


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The Mining Speculator is dedicated to helping investors find undervalued mining stocks that have 10x or greater potential for profits. We search for these opportunities as protection against the financial uncertainties that currently engulf the US and world markets. As the saying goes, “Great periods of danger and crisis are also periods of great opportunity.”

We believe the best opportunities for investors to protect themselves against the coming financial reckoning, exist with the precious metals and mining stocks. In addition to our picks in the mining sector, we seek to provide the most accurate and truthful economic commentary that we can find to help our subscribers discern through the massive amount of disinformation provided by the mainstream media.

Our newsletter also features a model portfolio as an overall asset protection strategy, that is the summation of our investing philosophy for the current economic environment.

Greg McCoach, editor, is an entrepreneur, who has successfully started and run several businesses the past 22 years.

For the last 7 of these years he has been involved with the precious metals industry as a bullion dealer, investor, and newsletter writer.

Greg’s years of business experience and extensive personal contacts in the mining industry provide unique insights that have generated an impressive track record for The Mining Speculator since its inception in 2001.

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