Monday, July 23, 2007

July 21st Show with Chris Waltzek, Andre Eggelletion & Bill Murphy!

Saturday, July 21st:

Gold: Up $16

Crude Oil: $76

Dow Jones: 14,000...


Entire Show:

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This Weeks Guests & Highlights:

1st Hour:

    • Headline news report & market forecast.
    • Spotlight Picks with big dividends.
    • The International Forecaster and Chris Waltzek answer listener questions.
    • Market technician Jack Chan from

2nd Hour:

- Thieves In The Temple:

Andre Eggelletion-

Andre Eggelletion takes you on a captivating and electrifying journey through the evolution of America’s experiments with privately owned central banks in his powerful new book, “Thieves in the Temple: America Under the Federal Reserve System.”

This book brings us face to face with the fact that in 1913 America allowed a few greedy men to unconstitutionally privatize the issuance of our money and credit, enact usury-based monetary laws creating a system of perpetually expanding debt, and ultimately destroy America’s once proud economic sovereignty.

Eggelletion goes on to show how the rate, pace, and sequence of monetary policies by the Federal Reserve, the IMF/World Bank, and their various predecessor institutions, have historically been implemented to enable the imperial aspirations of western aristocracies and corporations.

Today, the Federal Reserve has become an intrinsic element of a maligned, self-cannibalizing, and untenable global economic system. In other words, our economic and financial systems are rampaging beasts that the Fed itself can no longer control.

From the oppression of those who controlled money and manipulated credit in early civilizations, through the economic cataclysms and war brought upon the world by privately owned central banks, to the modern hegemony of the US dollar and the war on terrorism, Eggelletion reveals it all.

Thieves in the Temple is a must read.

To order call Milligan Books 877-962-6657 or 323-750-3592,,, or

- GATA & LeMetropole Cafe:

Bill Murphy-

Bill Murphy, GATA Chairman
Murphy grew up in Glen Ridge, N.J., and graduated from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University in 1968. In his senior year he broke all the Ivy League single-year pass-receving records. He then became a starting wide receiver for the Boston Patriots of the American Football League. He went on to work for various Wall Street brokerage firms and specialized in commodity futures. He began as a Merrill Lynch trainee and went on to Shearson Hayden Stone and Drexel Burnham. From there he became affiliated with introducing brokers and eventually started his own brokerage on 5th Avenue in New York. He now operates an Internet site for financial commentary,

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