Monday, September 03, 2007

Sept. 1stShow with Chris Waltzek & Puru Saxena

September 1st:

Federal Bailout...

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Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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This Weeks Guests & Highlights:

  • Puru Saxena: Wealth Management
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    1st Hour:

    • Headline news & market forecast.
    • Spotlight Picks with big dividends.
    • The International Forecaster and Chris Waltzek answer listener questions.

    2nd Hour:

    Puru Saxena

    Wealth Management:

    Puru Saxena is the founder of Puru Saxena Limited. Vastly experienced and respected in his field, he is a registered investment adviser with the SFC. He conducts in-depth economic research and formulates our firm's investment strategy.

    Puru Saxena has a decade’s experience in the finance industry, specifically relating to investment advice and asset management.

    He is a regular guest on various media such as CNN, BBC, Bloomberg TV, CNBC, RTHK, NDTV and TVB Pearl. He is a proficient economics analyst and is regularly featured in several publications such as the Hong Kong Economic Times, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong Economic Journal, Benchmark Magazine, Hong Kong Business, IN Magazine and Hong Kong Aircrew.

    Puru Saxena is the editor and publisher of Money Matters - an economic report, which is read by professionals and investors in numerous countries all over the world. He has been writing his monthly economic newsletter since June 2000.

    Puru Saxena is a frequent speaker at investment seminars and forums. He has given speeches in the region for large audiences of professional and individual investors on a wide range of subjects.

    Previously, he was a founding Director of financial services company – Bridgewater, and held the position of President for 4 years. In March 2005, he left Bridgewater to establish his own boutique wealth management company.

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