Monday, October 29, 2007

GSR - October 13th:

GSR - October 13th:

$748 Gold

$83 Black Gold

14k Dow...


Axel Merk

Peter Schiff

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      Gary Snodgrass

      Thirty-five years of experience as a human resources executive and strategic business leader in the Fortune 100 arena has taught me that corporate life is not for the faint of heart.

      You must be tough, tenacious, passionate, authentic, and skilled at dealing with people. Mergers of equals, bankruptcies, hostile takeovers, restructuring, international business start-ups, acquisitions, divestitures, downsizing - all are a part of today's global business environment. If you want to succeed, there are action steps you can take to become a top performer now.

      Stepping Up - 12 Ways to Rev Up, Revitalize, or Renew Your Career, my newest book, is committed to helping you reach your full professional potential. Whether you're just starting out, making a move in your current organization, or changing positions entirely, these guidelines will lead you to career success.

      The themes you will read about are echoed in my consulting practice, seminars, and media interviews. Why? Because they are practical, proven steps that lead not only to professional success but to a life/work balance that is sustainable long term.

      I invite you to explore this website further. Read my biography and evaluate my experience as a trusted advisor, worthy confidant, and business practitioner. Then let's see how we can work together to build success.

      S. Gary Snodgrass

      Christopher Mayer

      - Capital and Crisis:

      Christopher Mayer is the editor of Capital and Crisis (formerly The Fleet Street Letter) and Mayer's Special Situations. His essays have appeared on a number of Web sites and publications, including, The Mises Institute, the Freeman, The Daily Reckoning,,,,, Grant's Investor and Individual Investor Magazine. His views on financial matters have also been widely quoted, including in the highly regarded Grant's Interest Rate Observer.

      Chris began his career in banking, specifically, corporate lending, after earning an MBA with a concentration in finance. He later started writing Capital & Crisis, a monthly newsletter that gave Chris' unique brand of financial commentary a more regular and expanded format. With an unusual fondness for old books, old investors and old ideas, Chris fits perfectly into the Capital & Crisis mold.