Friday, May 02, 2008

GSR - May 3rd: Bruce Bragagnolo, Louis Navellier & Chris Waltzek

GSR - May 3rd:


Bruce Bragagnolo, Timmins Gold Corp CEO, & Louis Navallier, Stock Pro.

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2nd Hour

-Bruce Bragagnolo

CEO, Timmins Gold Corp.-

Bruce Bragagnolo is a securities lawyer with extensive experience in the junior resource sector. Mr. Bragagnolo will be focusing his energies on administration and finance for the Company and with regulatory compliance.

-Louis Navallier

Portfolio Grader System-

Louis Navellier
is Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Investment Officer of Navellier & Associates, Inc., located in Reno, Nevada. Mr. Navellier is also editor of four leading stock advisory newsletters: Emerging Growth, Quantum Growth, Blue Chip Growth, and Global Growth. A recognized expert in translating what had been purely academic techniques into real market applications, he believes that disciplined, quantitative analysis can select stocks that will significantly outperform the overall market.
Mr. Navellier employs a three-step, highly disciplined, bottom-up stock selection process, focusing on quantitative analysis, fundamental analysis, and optimization of the securities selected for the portfolio. In 1980, Mr. Navellier began publishing his research in his stock advisory newsletter, the MPT Review. Since 1987, he has been active in the management of individual portfolios, mutual funds, and institutional portfolios.
A charismatic figure with a reputation for solid leadership, Louis Navellier has been covered by a wide range of international media. In addition to appearing on CNBC, Bloomberg, The Nightly Business Report, and Wall Street Week, he has been featured in Barron's, Forbes, Fortune, Investor's Business Daily, Money, Smart Money, and The Wall Street Journal. Most recently he was profiled in Kenneth A. Stern's book Secrets of the Investment All-Stars in the interview "Louis Navellier, A Man Who Has Beat Them All." He is also featured in Alan R. Ackerman's Investing Under Fire: Winner Strategies from the Masters for Bulls, Bears, and the Bewildered.