Friday, July 04, 2008

GSR - July 5: John Williams & Chris Waltzek


Happy 4th!

Featured Guest:
John Williams
Shadow Stats

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1st Hour:
  • Headline news & Market Weatherman Forecast.
  • Spotlight Stock Picks with big dividends.
  • The International Forecaster and Host Chris Waltzek answer listener questions.

2nd Hour:

-John Williams

Shadow Stats-

John Williams Shadow Government Statistics is a monthly electronic newsletter that exposes and analyzes the flaws in current U.S. Government data and reporting, as well as in certain private-sector numbers. It also looks at the financial markets free of the hype so often put forth in the popular financial media. Generally published on the second Wednesday of the month, the newsletter is supplemented by Flash Updates and occasional Alerts that highlight unusual developments. The publication includes regular analysis of:

* The prior month's reporting (employment/unemployment, CPI, GDP, retail sales, housing statistics, factory orders, trade balance, consumer confidence, purchasing managers' survey and others) including estimates of actual results net of any reporting biases.

* The coming month's reporting, highlighting unusual circumstances and biases that could bring results in above or below market expectations.

* Economic series that are relatively free of reporting biases and what they indicate about the economy and inflation.

* Special features detailing the background of government series not previously explored in the newsletter, along with updates to changes in reporting methodologies for all major series.

*Markets Perspective -- part of the regular newsletter -- where the financial markets are assessed net of ongoing hype from Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and the Administration.

* Alternate Data Series -- covering the CPI, GDP and a continuing version of the discontinued M3 series -- are available for downloading by subscribers.

Subscription Rates: $89.00 for six months, $175.00 for twelve months.