Wednesday, November 19, 2008

GSR - Nov. 22: Christopher Laird & Chris Waltzek

GSR - Nov. 22

Featured Guest:

Christopher Laird

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1st Hour:

  • Headline news & Market Weatherman Forecast.

  • Spotlight Stock Picks with big dividends.

  • The International Forecaster and Host Chris Waltzek answer listeners' questions.

2nd Hour:

-Christopher Laird


Chris Laird, is regularly published on gold and financial sites. He has been qouted in Newsweek on gold. Chris publishes the PrudentSquirrel newsletter, a financial and gold commentary.

Chris Laird has been an Oracle systems engineer, database administrator, and math teacher. He has a BS in mathematics from UCLA and is a certified Oracle database administrator. He has been an avid follower of financial news since childhood. His father is Jere Laird, former business editor of KNX news AM 1070, Los Angeles (ret). He has grown up immersed in financial news. His Grandmother was Alice Widener, publisher of USA magazine in the 60?s to 80?s, a newsletter that covered many of the topics you find today at the preeminent gold sites. Chris is the publisher of the Prudent Squirrel newsletter, an economic and gold commentary.

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