Friday, March 14, 2014

Chris Waltzek interviews: Harry s. Dent Jr.

Harry S. Dent Jr.
Economist and best-selling author, Harry S. Dent Jr. expects the rally in the precious metals sector to persist for some time, despite expectations of a deflationary collapse. The impetus behind the deflation threat is the retiring baby boom generation, a mature demographic group that has outgrown traditional family-oriented spending habits in favor of retirement savings, leading to an imminent reduction in overall domestic output and price inflation.
Caller Q&A with host: Long time Radio listeners: Mr. Ho, George, Rome & John (plus first time callers) call in with thought provoking questions and comments. The host presents an article that claims Bundesbank officials melted and recast the pittance of gold bars that were actually repatriated from the US. One source suggests that some tungsten filled bars were found. At the current pace, 60 years are required to return the 300 ton gold stockpile currently held in the NY Fed vaults (5 tons x 60 years = 300 tons). Please call in your questions and comments via our toll free hotline 24/7, you can leave your first name or remain anonymous if you prefer: Toll Free Q&A Hotline: 1-800-507-6531.

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