Saturday, April 12, 2014

Chris Waltzek interviews: Peter Grandich

April 4, 2014

Featured Guest
Peter Grandich

Wall Street Wizard, Peter Grandich says QE stimulus arguably saved the banking system from collapse, but it may not provide the long-term economic growth expected by Fed officials. Nevertheless, the Fed was forced to shoulder the stimulus burden typically shared by Congress via fiscal policy. The result may be a lost generation, with living standards significantly lower than those enjoyed by our parents, culminating with an even deeper financial crisis. After the current consolidation passes, Peter expects gold to ascend to $1,400 later this spring. Food shortages and rationing are occurring in Venezuela, which could erupt in every country, even the US - the host suggests stockpiling discounted, large-sized canned goods with a 25 year shelf-life: $31 Starter Kit, (we have one in our household).

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