Friday, May 16, 2014

Chris Waltzek Interviews: Louis Navellier & Peter Grandich

May 16, 2014

Featured Guest
Louis Navellier & Peter Grandich
Money Manager of over $8 billion in bonds, equities and precious metals, via Navellier Gold, Louis Navellier sees a flight to safety into the Euro currency, amid geopolitical instability in Ukraine and Asia. Dollar weakness portends inflation, which will put a floor under the precious metals sector. He expects the Fed to keep expanding their balance sheet another half a trillion dollars totaling in $5 trillion. The yield curve is flattening at the long end, improving prospects for dividend paying stocks. Louis shares two stock candidates poised to benefit from the dual trends of wireless phone connectivity and soaring demand for DSL service.
Wall Street Wizard, Peter Grandich thinks the precious metals sector rocket is primed and ready for take off sometime this year. He concurs with the folks at that the gold and silver markets are being manipulated via the leverage facilitated by the derivatives markets. He points to the LIBOR scandal and the London Gold Fix as prima facie evidence of manipulation. The FOMC may end the QE monetary stimulus program this year, but the Fed balance sheet remains at staggering levels, over $4.3 trillion in debt and growing, higher by $1 trillion in just the past year. His work indicates that unsustainable debt levels will halt the equities advance (3-4% upside left) culminating with far more serious repercussions than the 2008 Great Recession. He outlines two of his favorite gold mining companies in his personal portfolio.

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