Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chris Waltzek Interviews: Gerald Celente & Bob Hoye

May 30, 2014

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Gerald Celente & Bob Hoye
Gerald Celente
The editor of the Trends Journal thinks that it's time to end external entanglements and rebuild the country; the 700+ US military bases located around the globe is an excessive figure. Instead of suffering wounded limbs, minds and hearts, our honorable troops must be evacuated, returned home and offered adequate training to reenter the modern workplace. As warriors of revival, the military can restore the crumbling domestic infrastructure and economy. The initial cost of Operation Occupy PEACE will be offset by a sea change of improved opinion regarding the United States by the global community. American officials should take history lessons from the second largest economic superpower; China is following the original handbook of American success, building up the infrastructure, en passant creating solid engineering and managerial positions as well as facilitating corporate expansion, which creates even more high paying jobs. China is not only the world's largest gold producer, but last year imported as much gold as the world produced. It's been said that imitation is a high form of flattery; investors will be rewarded for mimicking China's passion for gold.
Senior Investment Strategist at Institutional Advisors, Bob Hoye returns with his latest market report. He thinks that the Fed has created two new bubbles; it's time for an equities / bond market retreat. Once the air is let out of the markets, funds will flow directly into the precious metals sector, creating solid profit opportunities. Bob is not an inflationist, on the contrary his ontological outlook includes a long-term dollar rally. Nevertheless, the gold / silver ratio suggests that once price finds support, the Kodiak bear will make a hasty retreat to its grotto.

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