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Charles Nenner and Peter Grandich

June 27, 2014

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Charles Nenner & Peter Grandich

Veteran quantitative investor, Charles Nenner of Charles Nenner Research Center uses the skills he honed as a proprietary trader at Goldman Sachs to search for cyclical patterns within market data. His cycles work indicates that a bottom is likely in place for the precious metals sector. His sophisticated neural network models remove human emotion from trading systems, enhancing returns. He's in the deflation camp, because the herd are positioned for inflation. Nevertheless, gold remains an essential investment choice amid deflationary conditions, since virtually all other asset classes will likely implode. But inflationists will be vindicated, hyperinflation will stage a comeback within 4-5 years. The best examples of what to expect are the precedents set by the financial fiascoes in Cyprus, Greece and the European periphery, where savings and pension accounts were raided without compunction or restitution. He outlines a unique speculative opportunity involving the VIX index, which includes options for risk-takers or an ETF for the risk-averse.
Wall Street Wizard, Peter Grandich says the stock and bond market rallies are overextended. Geopolitical concerns in Iraq, a nation that houses 12 US military bases, could catapult crude oil prices, sending inflation shock waves across the globe. The Fed has been forced to shoulder most of the economic burden since the credit crisis, a responsibility that was traditionally shared by Congress via fiscal measures. The end result is a massive $4.4 trillion dollar Fed balance sheet and looming inflation. Peter expects that inflation will return to the markets, making gold and silver the investments du jour. Negative real interest rates are key for higher gold prices (Gibson's Paradox), good news for gold bulls given the recent announcement by the ECB to maintain a negative benchmark lending rate. Once gold crosses the $1,400 threshold, momentum will return to the sector resulting in a new bull market. Peter's walk away points: expect a substantial decline in the equities market before winter of 2014 - accumulate precious metals at discount prices.

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