Friday, August 22, 2014

Gerald Celente and Charles Goyette

August 22, 2014

Featured Guests
Gerald Celente and Charles Goyette
Gerald Celente Summary:
  • Cold War 2.0 is the most likely outcome of the Ukraine / Russia showdown - the ideal diversion to redirect attention away from the imploding global economy.
  • He expects inflation to climb sharply, sending gold higher, but this time, officials hands will be tied and unable to fight back with higher rates.
  • Gerald is concerned by another war, the battle against chronic diseases such as the alarming trend of Type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle related illnesses.
  • The good news - by simply removing refined foods and glucose spiking foods from the diet, most chronic disease is manageable and sometimes reversible.
Charles Goyette Summary:
  • Careless foreign policy decisions by the West have strengthened ties between the BRIC nations, which are positioning themselves against the dollar.
  • The Greenback is losing reserve currency status at an alarming pace.
  • A new global conflict could stem from unrest in Ukraine.
  • The Argentine currency crisis may represent an early warning mechanism for this hemisphere, granting valuable time to prepare for substantial inflation.

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