Friday, August 15, 2014

Harry S. Dent Junior and David Morgan

August 15, 2014

Featured Guests
Harry S. Dent Junior and David Morgan
Summary - Harry S. Dent Junior:
  • Gold is poised to rally back to $1,360 per ounce and perhaps much higher;
  • A restructuring of debt and assets on a massive scale is inevitable;
  • Equities have at best 5% upside opportunity left and 65% downside;
  • Housing is 40% overvalued - patience will be rewarded with bargain prices.
Summary - David Morgan:
  • The silver market bottom is in place, with an 85% confidence level;
  • Nevertheless, avoid the temptation to buy the precise bottom;
  • Instead, dollar cost averaging into silver positions in anticipation of the next big
  • Elliott Wave, parabolic advance in 2015-2016, is advisable;
  • Silver's current nominal intrinsic-value is at least $35 an ounce.