Friday, August 08, 2014

John Williams and Bill Murphy

August 8, 2014

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John Williams and Bill Murphy
John Williams from says the Fed's quantitative easing has failed because the bank balance sheets remain toxic, so lenders are not lending, stifling the intended economic growth. The trillions of dollars added to the Fed's balance sheet since 2008 simply kicked the recessionary can a few years down the road but the net result will be a new domestic depression. In order to stave off the angry hoi poli (we the people) Fed officials will coordinate with their global colleagues and Capital Hill to orchestrate a massive banking system recovery program, Bailout 2.0. If officials would implement tariff's to defend the domestic industrial base / high paying jobs and improve ailing exports, the economic engine could be revived. However, few political leaders appear to have the wherewithal to stave off the blowback required by such legislation. Disruptions in the flow of products to grocery stores and rapidly rising prices requires planning today, including the addition of gold, silver and survival goods to ride out the impending economic earthquake.
Bill Murphy from says that few media outlets are interested in the price suppression story, despite mountains of supporting evidence. Gold stock manipulation may include naked short selling, a nefarious practice only available to the elite, which artificially dilutes share price, crushing the wheat and with the chaff. But the machination will eventually backfire, as it requires up to 5 years to get a mine back into production and online, creating a gold supply void and subsequent price explosion. As the adage goes: it's difficult to convince someone otherwise, when their livelihood depends on faulty thinking, in similar fashion, investors are being lured away from precious metals at their peril and into bubble markets that will fleece the herd. Bill Murphy cites friend of the show, Eric Sprott who expects silver to run back to $50 and then on to new heights, perhaps even the triple digit mark. As for gold, Bill Murphy's technical work suggests that if price climbs above $1,326, then $1,400 is the next level to watch closely.

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