Friday, October 03, 2014

Bill Murphy and Bob Hoye

October 3rd, 2014

Featured Guests
Bill Murphy and Bob Hoye
Bill Murphy Summary:
  • Bill Murphy lives near Ebola ground zero, only 3-4 miles away from the first domestic case of Ebola.
  • The virus incubation period is not widely known, one source indicates that 21 days after exposure are required before symptoms emerge, making containment a challenging affair and the threat of a pandemic more probable.
  • Although solid US sanitation / health care facilities could limit the extent of the potential epidemic, the 50%-70% death rate combined with warnings from the UN of potential airborne transmission warrants close monitoring.
  • Liberia has reported 13% inflation, and empty grocery shelves due to panic - the economy is in shambles; citizens are afraid to shop, travel or even commute to work in some cases.
  • The host suggests purchasing Tyvek suits, gloves and N95 masks, costing less than $10; keeping in cars and at home - stockpiling several months of canned goods, medicine, toiletries, batteries, solar power, radio communications, cash and precious metals is advisable.
  • Bill Murphy suggests that Ebola could significantly curtail mining operations, putting upward pressure on price.
  • Bill Murphy notes that when silver dropped below cost of production the open interest skyrocketed, implying that the smart money is quietly accumulating in anticipation of much higher prices.
  • At 71, the gold to silver ratio pendulum has hyperextended, making silver a phenomenal relative value.
Bob Hoye Summary:
  • The gold / silver ratio has leaped to 71, presenting a relative bargain opportunity for silver investors.
  • Gold and commodities would be flying skyward were it not for the coordinated efforts of global central bankers.
  • Bob anticipates an advantageous buying opportunity for precious metals investors in the next few weeks.
  • Gold aficionados can discount dollar strength, using the precedent set in the 1970's, where gold equities ascended despite dollar appreciation
  • The economic recovery was merely smoke and mirrors; as the fact becomes more widely disseminated, capital will flow from paper assets directly into gold and silver, nurturing and fostering the most exciting phase of the bull market.

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