Friday, October 31, 2014

Charles Nenner, Kevin Kerr and Chris Waltzek - October 31, 2014.

October 31st, 2014

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Charles Nenner & Kevin Kerr
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Charles Nenner - Summary:
  • Former Goldman Sachs guru, Charles Nenner says the risk / reward in US equities is nil
  • China and Japan are both building huge arsenals in advance of a possible showdown over island territory; billions of dollars will flow from Japan's $3 trillion pension reservoir directly into the precious metals sector, in search of a safe haven.
  • Key takeaway: Gold and silver represent a rare opportunity to profit from the commodities bear market; his cycles work indicates a likely bottom in the precious metals sector with a target price of $2,100 for gold.
  • History is replete with numerous examples of golden opportunities during deflationary times.
  • Key takeaway: expect a massive stock market correction between 2018-2020, much worse than 2008 due in part to greater speculation / valuations than six years ago.

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