Friday, October 10, 2014

Peter Schiff & David Gurwitz

October 10th, 2014

Featured Guests
Peter Schiff and David Gurwitz
Peter Schiff Summary:
  • The Fed must continue the liquidity cycle, investors should prepare for QE 5 - there's no exit strategy, which could ultimately end badly for the greenback.
  • The remarkable 5 year stock market rally is already rolling over, before the current QE operations are complete, virtually guaranteeing another round.
  • Although volatility will remain high, even if the yellow metal first drops to $1,000, the fundamental case for $5,000 is rock solid.
  • The nascent housing market rebound is in jeopardy, as sellers are required to add seemingly endless perquisites to move inventory.
  • The latest house flippers were hedge funds and institutions, that used Fed QE to accumulate cheap McMansions.
  • The massive housing inventory could crush the sector, pushing prices lower than in 2009, causing a new housing / banking crises, circa 2008-200, making gold the investment du jour.
David Gurwitz Summary:
  • Nenner Research expects $2,500 gold.
  • Charles Nenner's and David Gurwitz's models indicate that the precious metals sector is nearing an important bottom, as soon as next week.
  • Gold and silver investors are poised to benefit under inflation or deflation, either scenario is a win / win opportunity.
  • Crude oil should soon find a floor and rally sharply to $120 per barrel (WTIC).

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