Saturday, November 15, 2014

David Morgan and Bob Hoye

Nov. 14, 2014

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Bob Hoye & David Morgan
(guest order by seniority)
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Bob Hoye - Summary:
  • Bob Hoye thinks widening credit spreads suggests a repeat of the 2007 credit contraction is imminent, resulting in a cyclical top in the stock market.
  • Key Takeaway: The Gold / Commodity ratio bottomed in June and continues to trend higher, suggesting that precious metals miners will soon benefit from the sea change.
  • Gold has become so affordable, that some miners (source: Bloomberg report) are finding profits as scarce as 20 lbs. gold nuggets, making a rally virtually inevitable.
  • The host offers a bond fund recommended by Zack's rating service with potential for an impressive rally with nearly a 9% coupon / dividend yield.
  • Russia's gold miners are suffering from recent sanctions from the West, their Central Bank is buying up most of their output, reducing global supply and increasing demand.
  • Bob and the host remember fallen veterans on Veteran's Day / Remembrance day, discussing the significance of the allied intelligence efforts at Bletchley Park as well as on the East Coast, US.
David Morgan - Summary:
  • Approximately 4,000 paper / fiat currencies (99.9%) have failed in human history - the Greenback / Euro / Yen will follow suit.
  • The average length of a fiat currency is forty years; a crisis imminent.
  • David Morgan proposes a bi-metallic standard, where a simple mathematical algorithm would adjust the price of real money.
  • Following the guidelines outlined by Hugo Salinas Price, central banks could sell 10% of gold reserves, buy silver with the funds and distribute as coins to the populace.
  • Even Milton Friedman admitted that silver is the major monetary metal in history.

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