Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dr. Ron Paul & Professor Laurence Kotlikoff

November 7, 2014

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Dr. Ron Paul & Professor Laurence Kotlikoff
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Dr. Ron Paul - Summary:
  • Dr. Paul shares his views on gold repatriation, examining the question: "Is the gold stockpile at Fort Knox / West Point / NY Fed still there and is it unencumbered?"
  • China is home to not only the world's largest economy but unlike most of its peers (excluding Russia), continues to accumulate gold, not lease it.
  • Why didn't the Bundesbank and it's people protest when the Fed balked on returning their gold, just as a new potential threat emerged in Ukraine? Dr. Paul examines alternative hypotheses and concludes that global / domestic debt is the true culprit threatening every global inhabitant.
  • As a student of the Austrian school of economics, Dr. Paul is convinced that silver and gold are essential components to every portfolio, an opportunity to dollar cost average into solid insurance against imminent financial turmoil.
  • Dr. Paul is monitoring the Ebola threat with a weary eye, suspicious of sending 3,000 of our honorable soldiers into a biological hot-zone.
Prof. Kotlkoff - Summary:
  • Dr. Kotlikoff says that every investor must own precious metals, given that the national debt is 13 times bigger than the official number, about $200+ trillion when unfunded liabilities are included.
  • Officials take money from youth in the form of taxes for future benefit, yet the tax money won't be returned in real dollars, but instead in deflated dollars.
  • Unfortunately, the US may be facing an economic fate as severe as that of Detroit.
  • SOLUTION: eliminate corporate taxes to encourage savings and capital investment.
  • Otherwise, the US could enter an economic quagmire similar to that of Argentina.

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