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Harry S. Dent Jr.and Bob Hoye

Dec. 5, 2014

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Harry S. Dent Jr. and Bob Hoye
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Bob Hoye - Summary:
  • Changes in global capital flows are driving funds into US equities / dollar pushing the commodities / energy sectors lower.
  • Nevertheless, a potential crude oil bottom forming.
  • Several Futures contract buying / selling opportunities are presented.
  • Possible turning point for the entire stock market.
  • The guest expects the US dollar to top, turning currency flows in favor of the precious metals sector.
  • The XAU is showing signs of a bottom amid plummeting energy prices, which could lead to a new bull market for gold equities in the coming weeks / months.
Harry S. Dent Jr. - Summary:
  • Now that India abolished the 80/20 gold import rule, which required 20% of imports to be exported as jewelry, and the Netherlands secretly repatriated 150 tons of gold from NY Fed vaults, demand is likely to soar.
  • The guest expects a broadbased economic collapse to impact the global economy in 2-5 years as trillions of dollars in debt deleverages in a massive deflationary implosion ending in a global coma economy.
  • Although the trend in commodities is weak, on a relative basis, every portfolio can benefit from adding discounted gold, silver, and related equities, particularly from a valuation standpoint.
  • When the dust finally settles, the guest plans to purchase commodities and stock shares in emerging countries and the BRICS, due to a sea change in favorable demographics.

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