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John Williams and Peter Eliades

Dec. 12, 2014

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John Williams & Peter Eliades
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Peter Eliades - Summary:
  • US stocks are overvalued.
  • Fixed income investors have been forced to chase dividend yield.
  • The entire scenario will end similarly to the year 200 meltdown.
  • Investor sentiment is bearish from a contrarian perspective.
  • Protective sell stops are advisable for every portfolio.
  • The Dow Jones Industrials could mirror the 1929-1932 deluge.
  • Gold and silver producers are extremely oversold.
John Williams - Summary:
  • The dollar rally will fade, leading to the next financial crisis.
  • Actual domestic GDP was stagnant in the third quarter.
  • The world is in a recession and the US economy, albeit one the strongest economies, is nevertheless stagnant.
  • Once the false rally loses steam, the Greenback will drop abruptly, resulting in panic selling and hyperinflation.
  • While the major media outlets brace investors for inevitable Fed rate hikes in 2015, the Fed may not raise rates.
  • Expect a 2008 credit crisis part deux, but this time the Fed's arsenal is devoid of the required ammunition to prevent total economic collapse.
  • Gold could climb first to $5,000 and eventually as high as $100,000+ per ounce when compared to paper assets making precious metals the ideal economic survival asset class (Note: this forecast is founded on the highly speculative premise of a worthless US dollar).

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