Friday, December 19, 2014

Peter Schiff and Fabian Calvo

Dec. 19, 2014

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Peter Schiff & Fabian Calvo
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Peter Schiff - Summary:
  • Peter Schiff and the host decipher the latest FOMC meeting statement on Wednesday in real-time.
  • Dovish comments indicate that the anticipated rate hike will be postponed for the time being.
  • Expect increased global financial-market volatility, resulting from the Fed's attempt to shrink the money supply via the end of QE.
  • The Fed's balance sheet is approaching $5 trillion dollars (see and climbing, (see Cleveland Fed graph).
  • With global currency chaos stemming from the crude oil plunge, millions of investors could miss the next gold bull market.
  • All that's required is a few billion dollars to corner the Comex PMs market; a fraction of just one of the thirty Dow Jones Industrials.
  • Vladimir Putin could single handedly corner the market, sending prices sky high.
  • A $600 gold premium is required to purchase in large tonnage in Asia; there's simply not enough supply to meet large order demand.
Fabian Calvo - Summary:
  • Nothing has changed since the last credit crisis, an economic reset is inevitable.
  • Financial institutions are following the same steps - the complex system remains unstable; anticipate a tipping point in 2015-2016.
  • The national debt is $230 trillion, 15 times the annual GDP.
  • There's nothing left in government vaults, the gold has been leased.
  • The seventh reserve currency is doomed, following the path of the last 6.
  • The next real estate implosion will present McMansion opportunities for pennies on the dollar.

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