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Chris Powell & Chris Martenson

January 23, 2015

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Chris Powell & Chris Martenson
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Chris Martenson - Summary:
  • Economic manipulation schemes will come to an abrupt halt in 2015-2016, Dr. Martenson amid peak central bank credibility.
  • Trillions of unregulated, interest-rate sensitive derivatives are threatening to topple the global economy;
  • Over $250 trillion of CDS sit on the top 5 US bank's balance sheets.
  • Crashing energy prices will improve gold / silver mining operations.
  • The long-term outlook for physical metals remains solid.
  • The Dr. is convinced that a major global conflict will disrupt markets

Chris Powell - Summary:
  • Chris Powell uncovers conspiracy facts regarding manipulation of the global financial system.
  • Price discovery has been compromised, jeopardizing the foundations of the global edifice.
  • Gold market manipulation has occurred for over a 100 years.
  • The endgame could be financial repression such as rationing, capital controls and highly repressive policies.
  • Much of the PBoC's $4 trillion is being covertly directed into the gold market, in preparation for a global currency revaluation.
  • Paper gold exceeds physical metal by as much as 100:1; as the world populace grasps the implications the imbalance, the price of real money will advance exponentially.
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