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Dr. Burton Malkiel & David Morgon

January 9, 2014

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Dr. Burton Malkiel & David Morgon
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Dr. Malkiel - Summary:
  • The author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street outlines his most recent Wall Street Journal article on US equities.
  • US stocks are overvalued according to the historical average (17) of the CAPE index; the current reading of 27 is comparable to the market zeniths of 1929 and 2008.
  • CAPE levels of emerging market shares are half as high as US equities, presenting an ideal value opportunity for portfolio diversification.
  • Although rates could climb in the years ahead, Fed officials are unlikely to make abrupt changes in the benchmark lending rate.
David Morgon - Summary:
  • The Silver Investor and host discuss how gold priced in Rubles skyrocketed 100% in a few weeks with virtually no warning.
  • A similar event is imminent in dollars, which could elevate gold above $2,400 in short order.
  • Technical indicators suggest a correction in US share prices is likely.
  • Decreased oil expenses make precious metals shares an appealing portfolio addition in 2015.

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