Friday, January 30, 2015

Steve Forbes & Jim Rogers

January 30, 2015

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Steve Forbes &Jim Rogers
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Steve Forbes' Summary:
  • Steve Forbes encapsulates the necessity for a sound, stable US dollar.
  • The only viable alternative is gold backed money.
  • The current monetary system is a sham, fiat money has no value, merely a means to facilitate wealth accumulation.
  • Conversely, gold and silver are the only de facto money.
  • He cites the exponential rise of prosperity in the US under the gold standard and the subsequent erosion of influence under the current fiat experiment, which resulted in an $8 trillion dollar reduction in the national living standard.
  • Nevertheless, a gold backed dollar could be established in less than one year - please listen to the show for the entire plan.
  • "When people stop trusting their money, they stop trusting each other."
  • The profound notion is illustrated by the undermining of the social fabric within domestic / global society.
Jim Rogers' Summary:
  • Jim Rogers wrote of the Swiss currency swoon 2 years in advance
  • The financial legend warns that central bankers are ill prepared to manage the highly complex markets
  • Printing mountains of currency merely increases the debt burden to current / future generations.
  • Even gold bears require gold and silver portfolio insurance amid increasing market volatility.
  • Jim Rogers recently added gold mining companies to his portfolio.
  • The crude oil implosion may be presenting a investment opportunity
  • The super-investor is also watching Russia, China, Japan and the agricultural sector for investment opportunities.

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