Friday, February 20, 2015

Peter Schiff, Arch Crawford, Chris Waltzek, & Robert Ian - Feb. 20, 2015 - A Spina - Waltzek Production - ©2015.

February 20, 2015

Featured Guests
Peter Schiff & Arch Crawford
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Interview Summaries
Peter Schiff Summary:
  • Peter Schiff outlines the latest Greek exit story; officials rejected the EU bailout this week.
  • Only two weeks remain until the existing bailout program expires.
  • The impasse exposes the debt-laden nation to default.
  • Ironically, the weakest nation in the EU was once the textbook example of currency stability via the silver drachma.
  • Separation from the EU could induce intense economic / sociological dislocations.
  • The moral hazard resulting from caving to demands for endless bailouts is intense facilitating a bottomless pit, devouring capital in the heart of the EU.
  • Eventually Greece could emerge as a more sound and vibrant economy.
  • ECB ministers are insuring that the economic epidemic is contained, shielding the EU from a systemic infection of over $25 trillion dollars in euro-currency sensitive derivatives-exposure.
  • Peter Schiff makes the bold claim that the US is as insolvent as Greece.
  • Fed officials will be compelled to restart QE operations indefinitely to forestall the purportedly imminent benchmark rate hike.
  • As a result, the working and middle classes will bear the brunt of the economic burden, vis-à-vis unnecessarily inflated prices for homes, groceries and related expenses.
  • Peter expects gold to outperform the equities indexes in 2015, as investors accumulate metals amid worsening domestic unemployment.
  • In particular, gold and silver mining companies represent solid values relative to shares in competing sectors.
Arch Craford Summary:

  • Arch Crawford says years that end in 5, i.e. 2015 have typically coincided with the best equities market performances.
  • The working group on markets is coordinating the markets with the Fed, US Treasury and key investment banks.
  • Arch remains a long-term gold bull, underscoring the importance for every household to maintain a gold and silver portfolio-insurance plan.

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