Friday, March 20, 2015

Louis Navellier & Martin Armstrong

March 20, 2015

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Louis Navellier & Martin Armstrong
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Interview Summaries
Martin Armstrong
  • Economist Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics is the subject of a new controversial documentary The Forecaster.
  • Our guest compares the economic carnage in the EU to the fallout in Detroit, a once vibrant showcase of capitalism.
  • The dollar has considerable upside amid global deflation, as the US is viewed as the least sick patient in the economic ward.
  • Gold is the ultimate hedge against government risk - the bull market will resume when investors lose faith in their governments.
  • His cyclical models indicate that gold will regain upward momentum in October 2015, coinciding with a stock market cycle zenith.
  • He expects the Fed to raise interest rates into 2017, without negatively impacting stock market performance.
  • His models predict the Dow Jones Industrials average with a median target of 23,000 with an outside chance of 35,000-40,000 as retail investors reenter the market circa 2000.
  • Louis Navellier's investment funds continue to top the Wall Street Journal profitability charts in 2014 - 2015.
  • The strong US dollar is erasing profits of multinationals.
  • Such conditions are merely temporary blips amid an ongoing equities bull market.
  • Three months of negative retail sales are exacerbating national deflation, which is impacting Fed policy
  • Fed officials cannot afford to raise rates this summer, the resulting economic carnage would be too costly.
  • Instead, expect dollar strength to continue, ramping up deflation.
  • The guest shares favorite stock holdings, including Lowes (LOW).
  • Gold was the best performing commodity last year.
  • Central banks continue to add the yellow metal to their stockpiles at a record clip.
  • Increasing gold and platinum allocation is advisable.

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