Friday, March 06, 2015

Louise Yamada & Dr. Marc Faber

March 6, 2015

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Louise Yamada &Dr. Marc Faber
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Interview Summaries
Louise Yamada Summary:

  • Radio is honored to welcome Louise Yamada in her debut appearance on the show.
  • The highly respected market maven correctly predicted the equities bull market.
  • Unlike the stock market price-zenith of 2000, this time share valuations are reasonable - the market is behaving in a more orderly fashion, suggestive of further upside potential.
  • Although US stocks appear to be in a primary uptrend, several laggard sectors suggest that at least a 5% pullback could provide the pause necessary to initiate the next leg higher.
  • The greenback bull run may be only in it's infancy - odds favor a multi-year advance.
Dr. Faber Summary:
  • China boasts the most trading partners of any nation (124).
  • Dr. Faber believes the PBoC may have accumulated thousands of tons of gold bullion reserves, in anticipation of a gold backed Yuan / renminbi.
  • The modus operandi includes the gradual weakening of the Yuan, to the benefit of the manufacturing and exporting sectors, followed by the introduction of a gold-backed currency.
  • The resulting Yuan devaluation will be offset by the increased value of the massive PBoC gold stockpile.
  • The theme of corporate share-buyback announcements is emblematic of an equities market bubble.
  • Dr. Faber expects emerging market equities to outperform US shares, presenting an opportunity for wise investors to reap rewards via foreign shares.
  • Diversification is the ideal panacea for market uncertainty / volatility.
  • Dr. Faber distributes his funds among cash, real estate, stocks, bonds and precious metals (25%).
  • Eventually, precious metals holders could be vilified for their windfall profits and targeted by unscrupulous officials.
  • Therefore, it is advisable to relocate gold investments to safe havens located in Asia.

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