Friday, March 13, 2015

Marin Alexsov & Jeffrey Nichols

March 13, 2015

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Marin Alexsov & Jeffrey Nichols
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Interview Summaries
Marin Alexsov:
  • Thanks to the repeal of the the Glass-Steagall Act and related financial fail-safes, Pandora's box is fully ajar, economic misery is imminent.
  • Some executives succumbed to the lure of exorbitant bonuses, choosing profits to the detriment of investors.
  • Marin Alexsov likens precious metals exposure to home insurance.
  • The 3 year downturn has created a risk / reward situation that favors gold over most competing assets.
  • Mr. Alexsov visited Hong Kong, noting long lines of gold investors, waiting for an opportunity to procure the vital bullion insurance plan.
  • Most of the 35 million visitors from China consider a gold purchase.
  • Nevertheless only 10%-20% of the entire populace has access to gold, increasing future demand prospects.
  • He expects the Grexit (Greek exit from EU) to get out of hand, potentially leading next to an exit by Spain, making gold essential portfolio insurance.
Jeffrey Nichols:
  • Radio welcomes Jeffrey Nichols in his debut appearance on the show.
  • Economist Jeffrey Nichols recommends that every investment portfolio includes an allocation of at least 5%-10% in precious metals.
  • Physical bullion demand continues to rise, representing a disconnect, particularly in Asia, where demand is in excess of 1000 tons (29 million troy ounces).
  • Once the threat of central bank rate hikes passes, expect gold to soar several fold above current levels.
  • US equities are wildly overvalued - eventually investors will reallocate share profits into gold and silver bullion and related equities.

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