Friday, April 24, 2015

Bill Murphy & Gerald Celente

April 24, 2015

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Bill Murphy & Gerald Celente
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  • Bill Murphy from and the host discuss the recent trend of higher gold imports into China and India.
  • Gold exports from Switzerland doubled while exports from London increased six fold.
  • Similar to Pompeii ahead of the Mt. Vesuvius eruption, many investors today are choosing to ignore the warning signs.
  • Bill Murphy thinks a Pompeiian-like eruption will impact the global economic system when global central banks lose control of the precious metals markets.
  • Our guest shares a market forecast beyond the dreams of avarice - he expects silver to soar to $100 in the coming years and gold to post the most lofty advance in financial history.
  • The XAU is nearing multi-decade lows representing a long-term contrarian opportunity on an epic scale, similar to undervalued technology sector-shares during the 2009 stock market correction, nadir.
  • Gerald Celente returns to the show for a discussion on the latest edition of the Trends Journal.
  • Our guest notes that the foreclosure rate is up 20% (Dynamic foreclosure chart) in the past 12 months.
  • Even against the backdrop of the lowest interest rates in global history, over 3,000 years of economic history, the financial life support is merely sustaining the economic patient.
  • Why would anyone trust the official economic figures such as the current unemployment rate of 5.5%, when the more accurate U6 figure indicates 23% national unemployment (Unemployment).
  • A central reason for the disparity between the official / actual figures is the inaccurate inflation figure (Inflation).
  • Given that inflation is at least 4% higher, the actual GDP or economic output is considerably lower - the US has remained in a recession for nearly 15 consecutive years! (GDP).
  • Thanks in part to NAFTA, millions of desirable jobs were / are shipped offshore, over 5,000,000 careers will never return.
  • Unfortunately, the Great Recession never ended and is now systemic / global in breadth.
  • Eventually the Ponzi scheme will end, which is why Gerald Celente says, "gold is for my golden years." He underscores the importance of building a portfolio based upon a firm foundation of gold.
  • The importance of portfolio diversification cannot be understated - a well known billionaire lost approximately $100 million on a single stock bet - most of the loss was avoidable via proper asset allocation.

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