Friday, April 03, 2015

Dr. Chris Martenson & Bob Hoye

April 3, 2015

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Dr. Chris Martenson & Bob Hoye
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  • Bob Hoye, returns from a 2 week speaking engagement in Asia / Singapore with key market insights.
  • The US dollar has entered a new bull trend relative to most competing currencies.
  • Millions of investors are accumulating gold and silver as portfolio insurance, as well as a defiant gesture against government profligacy.
  • The PMs mining sector will likely present bargain opportunities, benefiting from significantly lower energy expenses.
  • Dr. Martenson from says central bankers and their Fed colleagues cannot print prosperity.
  • Despite unprecedented, negative interest-rate policies, global growth remains lackluster.
  • Expect residential housing prices to return to the mean, falling back in line with historical precedents (Case-Shiller Housing Index).
  • He likes crude oil investments as a long term bet on global hostilities.
  • When deflation takes hold, gold is the only unencumbered asset that will offer protection from institutional defaults and liens.
  • The insatiable appetite for gold in China continues to make the yellow metal an ideal investment.

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