Friday, April 10, 2015

James Turk, John Williams and Listener's Q&A

April 10, 2015

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James Turk, John Williams and Listener's Q&A
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  • James Turk returns to the program with comments on Fed profligacy, which will eventually send the yellow metal into the stratosphere, already up 10% against the euro currency in 2015.
  • Expect safe haven buying in the euro zone to intensify, making precious metals investments once again the asset class du jour.
  • For the first time this century, the NY Fed's gold reserves recently dropped below 6,000 tons, hinting that officials are manipulating the market lower via covert gold sales.
  • US officials are making a strategic blunder of epic proportions by making China an economic foe - policy could be reversed to avert disaster while igniting significant synergies between the world's two largest economic superpowers.
  • China should be nurtured as a Panda ally, not a tiger rival.
  • Expect the dollar rally to fade, making the precious metals sector an attractive investment opportunity.
  • John Williams returns to Radio with dire thoughts on the veracity of the official economic figures.
  • The domestic economy has not recovered - virtually every economic indicator remains stagnant since 2009.
  • According to the Wall Street Journal, the typical American household spends 62% merely to pay housing / grocery bills, an unsustainable burden
  • While corporations have recovered from the recession, the everyday consumer has not.
  • Without real income growth the largest component of the domestic economy, consumption (over 70%) could falter.
  • The US Dollar will likely reverse course, which will result with runaway inflation and hyperinflation.
  • The best defense is a good offense - only gold and silver investments can protect investors from the sea change event.
  • His 2015 economic forecast includes a sharp decrease in economic growth / output, causing Fed officials to further delay rate hikes.
  • Amid increasing global-currency concerns, stockpiling several months of cash in a well-hidden, fire proof safe is advisable.
  • The ruble increased in value from 44,000 per ounce to 90,000 in 2014, currently at over 70,000 due to the crude oil plunge. The ruble fell so abruptly that gold doubled in value virtually overnight - the cost of goods and services blasted higher crushing the purchasing power of those without gold and silver insurance.
  • The central fund of Canada, a PMs ETF with equally weighted gold / silver holdings is located outside the US providing additional geographic diversification.
  • Caller George asks if the Fed is colluding to make the US dollar more attractive, particularly US Bonds, by forcing competing currencies like the euro into a negative interest rate environment.
  • Alpha stocks newsletter subscribers are offered a 10% dividend yielding gold ETF-alternative.
  • Caller John notes the Fed's massive mortgage backed security stockpile. The host concurs, citing how MBS rate-risks is an Achilles heal and likely why the Fed is so hesitant to initiate rate hikes.
  • Listener Vidya is concerned by the threat of a looming, global economic collapse. The host expects such a scenario to come to pass within 5-10 years, given that the BRICS nations are shunning the US dollar.
  • The global economic end game could involve a sudden collapse that will catch virtually every investor off guard, in turn catapulting the value of PMs, circa Europe in 1922, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe, etc.. Please record your questions and comments via our NEW hotline 24/7, you can leave your first name or remain anonymous if you prefer: Q&A Hotline: 1-206-666-5370.

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