Friday, May 01, 2015

G. Edward Griffin & Peter Schiff

May 1, 2015

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G. Edward Griffin & Peter Schiff
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  • Peter Schiff, Chairman of and the host discuss the latest economic numbers.
  • Contrary to the official figures the Great Recession never ended - by deflating true inflation figures, economic output only seems strong.
  • Peter Schiff agrees with John Williams from, the national GDP has been negative for almost 15 years when accurately tabulated.
  • Given the unexpectedly low GDP figure reported on Wednesday, the recession is bordering on a depression.
  • This is good news for investors as Fed officials are more likely to implement QE4 by the end of 2015, early 2016.
  • Our guest says the gold market is building a base -the dollar will plunge in spectacular fashion - the next QE installment will send the PMs much higher.
  • Dollar cost averaging into the metals is the most prudent method, given market uncertainty.
  • With homeownership rates near 30 year lows and a lack of quality employment, real estate is overpriced, better opportunities will unfold as the recession further develops.
  • G. Edward Griffin serves ups up cuisine for cogitation with a review his magnum opus, The Creature from Jekyll Island, a classic that continues to resonate with readers 22 years later.
    He spent 7 years on the project and fortunately decided against discarding the manuscript, now a financial classic approaching it's 40th publishing.
    G. Edward Griffin and Dr. Ron Paul have arguably contributed much to the movement for central banking (CB) transparency.
    Our guest notes that negative / zero interest rates, rehypothecation, debt crises, etc. should come as little surprise, the global economic system has been gamed by the same cartel that formed the CB system.

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