Friday, June 26, 2015

Peter Schiff, Louis Navellier, and Listener's Q&A

June 26, 2015

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Peter Schiff, Louis Navellier, and Listener's Q and A
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  • Friends of the show call in with their questions and comments.
  • The first caller wants to know if it is prudent to buy or rent a home.
  • The Rule of 100 yields a home price estimate - multiply comparable monthly rent by 100: $1,000 per month in rent suggests a price of $100,000.
  • Gold and silver remain the quintessential portfolio insurance - when every other asset fails, gold and silver lined life boats will save the day.
  • Given Dr. Ron Paul’s latest video (Figure 1.1.) where he claims that millions of investors will be wiped out in the coming financial collapse
    the precious metals remain an essential asset class for every portfolio.
  • A 25% allocation is sufficient to offset financial carnage.
  • Younger investors are advised to increase the allocation percentage while seniors can use PMs dividends to boost investment income.
  • Investors are encouraged to use the sluggish price levels as an opportunity to lower their dollar cost average gold / silver price.
  • PMs facilitate higher asset risk without jeopardizing overall safety, and as every student of finance knows, higher risk can equate with improved reward when managed scientifically.
  • Gold and silver are the bedrock / cornerstone of a portfolio. Would you try to build a house without a foundation?
  • Investors are urged to ask how much they can lose without a solid PMs foundation before asking how much they can gain from a popular stock.
  • The Alpha Stocks Portfolio is facilitated by a rigorous correlation matrix analysis to maximize overall return and minimize losses.
  • Alpha stocks portfolios regularly offer expected returns of 30-50% annually and zero expect losses (optimized portfolio results).
  • The portfolio facilitates peace of mind of knowing that funds are maximized and losses minimized.
  • For a limited time, new subscriptions are offered with zero risk, if you are not satisfied after the first 30 days, a refund is issued and account canceled without further obligation.
  • John from San Diego expresses doubts about the economic recovery.
  • Vidya anticipates a stock market buying opportunity after a correction.
  • Louis Navellier insists stock-picking in strong sectors is essential, such as technology, health-care, consumer durables / staples, and home improvement.
  • He shares several investing opportunities, including: CVS pharmacy (CVS) and Blow's home improvement (LOW).
  • Domestic small-cap / mid-caps are preferred over large-cap, which have higher dollar exposure.
  • The political backlash against rate-hikes could be intense, putting a ceiling on the benchmark rate.
  • Increasing the allocation of gold and precious metals is advisable, particularly for European investors due to dollar strength and relative euro weakness.
  • As capital inflows intensify, the US economy could grow its way out of the debt issues.
  • Given that Fed rate cuts are instrumental to protracted stock market rallies (Figure 1.1), cut the imminent rate hikes halt the seven-year, equities bull-market?
  • Peter Schiff, Chairman of says the Fed is bluffing - if the officials pull the QE plug, the national economic engine will stall.
  • While the world is focused on the Grexit, Peter Schiff says the US debt problem is much worse, making default an inevitability and the precious metals safe haven the investment du jour.
  • The gold repatriation movement is gaining momentum, not only abroad, but now domestically - the Lone Star state has requested the return of its $1 billion gold reserves from the Fed.
  • Peter Schiff and company have found the perfect panacea, a gold digital currency (gold-backed Bitcoin).
  • The symbiotic partnership with the Perth Mint in Australia virtually guarantees minimal fees and geographic diversification - a most overlooked yet essential portfolio planning criteria.
  • For listeners who host online businesses, Peter Schiff suggests his Schiff Bank Referral program as an income-stream generating opportunity.
  • Prospective home buyers, those who missed the housing crash nadir of 2012 could be treated to discounts as institutions and hedge funds unload inventory in the coming years.

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