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Professor Burton Malkiel and Michael Belkin

June 5, 2015

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Professor Burton Malkiel & Michael Belkin
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  • Dr. Malkiel, the author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street says no gurus, analysts or forecasters, can help investors earn profits on a consistent basis.
  • In fact, by attempting to outsmart the markets 99.99% of investors underperform index funds.
  • By accepting that no one can time the market with a high degree of certainty, investors enrich their wealth via passive investing.
  • Portfolio diversification and dollar cost averaging (buying at a steady pace, while ignoring the price) are the hallmarks of investing success.
  • Dr. Malkiel thinks virtually every asset class is overvalued, not just stocks, as the Fed holds lending rates artificially low to bolster economic conditions.
  • The professor suggests lifecycle funds or target funds that automatically adjust portfolio allocation based on individual age and expected life span.
  • Michael Belkin of The Belkin Report, and the new Belkin Gold Stock Forecast for individual investors, makes his show d├ębut.
  • He is advising institutional clients / hedge funds to rotate out of US equities and into his hand picked gold stocks.
  • The gold market has bottomed and the major US equities indexes are forming a key top.
  • Many of his gold / silver stock candidates have soared 100-300% in 2015, not just penny stocks, but bellwether companies as well.
  • The gold stock guru generously shares several ticker symbols of his favorite gold / silver stocks.
  • His models indicate a forceful gold stock rally is imminent, after which investors will pile into the market via technical buy signals.
  • Takeaway point: the bear market in gold / silver equities is over.

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