Friday, July 10, 2015

Uranium Resources CEO & President, Christopher Jones & Harry S. Dent Jr.

July 10, 2015

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Uranium Resources CEO and President, Christopher Jones & Harry S. Dent Jr.
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  • CEO & President Christopher Jones of Uranium Resources (URRE) makes his debut appearance.
  • His track record of success spans 30 years and several companies including silver / copper mines, an oil sands operation and a coal company, culminating with the latest project, Uranium Resources (URRE).
  • One of CEO Christopher Jones' strengths includes a penchant for identifying companies with "great bones, potential and stories" then joining the management team, and transforming the diamond in the rough into a polished gem stone.
  • Uranium Resources is on track to become, "... a low cost producer able to produce in any conceivable market."
  • Our guest expects uranium prices to soar in the coming years, well above $40 a pound making operations highly profitable.
  • The Butler Ranch Project initial drill results from earlier this year and the data acquisition will facilitate resource confirmation drilling on the leases.
  • The discounted data acquisition cost ($150,000) resulted in a windfall 1.2 million pounds of resources, about one dime per pound.
  • Once the data arrives and is modeled, operations could commence as soon as 2018.
  • Two "ready to operate facilities" near Corpus Christi, Texas are each capable of 800,000 lbs. of production.
  • The Anatolia project has a remarkable IRR of 65%.
  • By moving the Rosita facility in Texas to Turkey, the $11 million in cost savings will boost the NPV / IRR, offering a competitive advantage to the benefit of the stockholders.
  • The Church Rock project and related properties include 200,000 acres in New Mexico near Albuquerque as well as Gallup, New Mexico.
  • The Anatolia equity listing in Australia will be maintained, enhancing investment related geographical-diversification.
  • Economist and best-selling author Harry S. Dent Jr., returns with comments on the latest Grexit drama, noting a default is imminent.
  • A bankruptcy will benefit the nation as forced fiscal responsibility curtails government profligacy.
  • The only country to effectively ameliorate the debt problem is Iceland, which defaulted on foreign debt shielding constituents from predatory lending practices.
  • The Icelandic economy has emerged from the malaise intact and better prepared to thrive in an increasingly complex / competitive global-economic landscape.
  • Their remarkable saga is an ideal precedent / case study / blue print for officials in the BRICS nations as well as the US / EU / Japan.
  • Given that the EU has never faced a financial crisis of such magnitude, the lack of precedent is disturbing to top money managers and economists.
  • If Greece were to leave the union, other members with similar debt issues could soon capitulate triggering a cascade of similar debt crises resulting in a fractured EU, with regional sovereign currencies.
  • As a seasoned traveler in high demand on the public speaking circuit around the world, our guest outlines his ideal destinations, including his home in Puerto Rico and his favorite country, Australia.
  • Harry S. Dent Jr. is anticipating a US stock market correction of 15-20% in the summer / fall months.
  • He's convinced that all market bubbles must return to their inception point.
  • The US housing bubble has not yet returned to the year 2000 levels, increasing sector risk.
  • The host proposes that the massive shadow inventory held on bank balance sheets will eventually enter the marketplace in tandem with the millions in hedge fund housing-inventory, opening a price sinkhole across the nation and a credit crisis part deux.
  • The host notes the alarming void of understanding regarding fiat money schemes and their onerous track records.
  • The only viable alternatives, gold and silver, will eventually reflect their true intrinsic value, potentially hundreds of fold higher than current prices.