Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Louis Navellier & Peter Schiff

Oct. 16, 2015
Louis Navellier & Peter Schiff

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  • Chris welcomes back Louis Navellier of Navellier Growth for another market discussion.
  • Louis has a knack for identifying multi-year themes in the market, well ahead of the top financial pundits.
  • He outlines the similarities between the 2011 downdraft in US shares and 2015, noting expectations for one more retest of the September 2015 lows.
  • More cautious investors are advised to consider re-entering equities positions on the week before Thanksgiving.
  • Our guest is watching the Fed closely - he expects policymakers to hold rates steady, otherwise increase a quarter percent in December.
  • He places low odds on a 2016 rate hike, due to the upcoming November election.
  • Favorite stock sectors include health care, such as CVS (CVS), as well as Darden Restaurants (Capital Grille) (DRI), Costco (COST), Lowes (LOW), Southwest Airlines Lowes (LUV) and Starbuck's Coffee (SBUX).
  • Chris welcomes Peter Schiff, Chairman of SchiffGold.com.
  • The discussion includes less than robust economic reports including sluggish retail sales.
  • Peter Schiff thinks the economic recovery is less than genuine; conditions are far more dire than reported.
  • According to a major EU investment bank Saxo, gold may have found a solid bottom - the yellow metal could soar as high as $1,400.
  • However, Peter Schiff thinks the figure is conservative, given the recent failure by Fed policymakers to raise rates.
  • His findings indicate the true Fed agenda involves preparations for the next round of monetary easing, QE4.
  • Bullion supply conditions remain constrained - the US Mint and the Canadian Mint are unable to meet demand due in part to weekly silver coin quotas.
  • In addition, the Australian Perth Mint sold a record 2.5 million silver ounces in the latest reading; an all time record.
  • Even if gold were to decline to $800 the small downside risk is fractional relative to the upside potential; the risk-reward is highly favorable.
  • 2016 could be the renaissance year for the PMs, gold may surprise even the most staunch aficionado as the sector begins to reflect true intrinsic value.
  • Even with the 14% advance in the XAU index last week, gold shares may represent a fantastic opportunity, relative to general equities.
  • Plus, the real estate sector may experience an epic plunge, similar to the 2006 peak, as financial institutions unload huge shadow inventories on a public ill-prepared to switch from renting back to home ownership.

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