Monday, November 23, 2015

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts & CEO, Eric Fier

Nov. 20, 2015
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts / CEO, Eric Fier
(guest appearance by seniority)

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  • Eric Fier, President, CEO and Director of SilverCrest Metals, joins the show.
  • As a geological engineer and certified geologist, President Fier understands the mining business, from the ground up, literally.
  • SilverCrest Metals is a reset of the successful SilverCrest Mines, with the same management.
  • The solid management team is the hallmark of successful mining operations. The Sonora region is home to their flagship property.
  • CEO fier deploys a strategy to maximize shareholder wealth.
  • The Durango region is home to the Guadeloupe Property; initial results indicate solid gold and silver deposits.
  • The cutting edge 'phased approach', through starting operations in a small fashion, only expanding via cash flow is yielding a competitive edge.
  • Estimated year-end cash reserves of $7.5 million, suggests the operation is poised for solid growth over the next two years.
  • Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and editor / columnist for the Wall Street Journal / Business Week returns.
  • His work indicates a collapse of the national economic "House of cards," is imminent, no longer a question of if, but merely a matter of time.
  • A few leading banks carry more debt each, than the entire world's output: global GDP (GWP: $76 trillion), according to the World Bank.
  • In order to stop the doomed system falling into a deflationary sink-hole, interest rates have been held low to the detriment of retiree's.
  • Unlike all previous economic recoveries the latest has coincided with a declining labor force participation rate.
  • His work indicates that the gold market is rigged, to maintain US dollar hegemony.
  • Eventually the process will be reversed, resulting in much higher yellow metal prices.

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