Friday, December 04, 2015

Dr. Stephen Leeb & Dr. Chris Martenson

Dec. 4, 2015
Dr. Stephen Leeb
Dr. Chris Martenson

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  • Best selling author / mathematician / economist, Dr. Leeb and the host discuss a disturbing trend in the domestic economy.
  • Despite the lowest Jobless Claims numbers in decades, economic growth remains anemic.
  • Given the 75% odds of an FOMC rate hike at the December meeting, the first in nearly a decade, the strong dollar and resulting higher rates will continue to put pressure on the mortgage / housing sector as well as the general economy.
  • The combination will push the already struggling economy passed the tipping point, into full blown recession.
  • As predicted by the Dr. and the host on this show for months, the Yuan finally gained reserve currency status this week, changing the global monetary structure forever.
  • Dr. Leeb's work indicates that the inclusion of the Yuan in the SDR currency basket could cap the Greenback advance and encourage gold bulls.
  • The duo agree that the economy is facing a flock of black-swan like anomalies such as: negative interest rates, global debt explosion, and rehypothecation, to name a few.
  • Once the rate hike threat passes, both agree that commodities, oil and the precious metals will likely ascend to new bull market records.
  • In addition, China has unveiled a new crude oil market index, which may become the de facto benchmark worldwide, potentially marking the end of the Petro / Dollar era and a new period of Petro / Yuan dominance.
  • Dr. Leeb discusses his meeting and correspondences with World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov.
  • Chris welcomes Dr. Martenson from - Dr. Martenson categorizes capital into eight essential types in his new must read book, Prosper!
  • The good doctor is concerned about a potentially risky period of economic deflation, were insufficient money And credit are available to sustain high debt levels, with as much as $200 trillion in default risk.
  • The event will lead to central bank intervention by way of massive monetary stimulus, such as QE to infinity.
  • Although paper promises, such as stocks And bonds, remain the investment du jour, the deflationary event will reduce paper claims to their intrinsic value: zero.
  • There are too many paper claims And too few assets to back them - eventually the pendulum will swing back from the current extreme to the other apex.
  • Wealth safe havens will regain their place as the de facto investment classes, such as gold, silver, precious metals shares, oil And commodities.
  • The discussion includes the challenges facing modern medicine And the viable alternatives that everyone can use to their benefit.
  • The Dr. notes that 80-90% of physical ailments begin with inflammation, in the kitchen, mirroring the thoughts of renowned physician, Dr. Mark Hyman.
  • By identifying a few key dietary changes / lifestyle improvements, an effective course of treatment unfolds, free of charge And without any side-effects. The plan involves a two prong approach.

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