Friday, January 22, 2016

CEO Amir Adnani & Nick Barisheff

Jan. 22, 2016
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CEO Amir Adnani & Nick Barisheff
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  • CEO of Brazil Resources (BRI.V), Amir Adnani makes his show debut - Mr. Adnani has a reputation for moving projects rapidly into production.
  • Fortune magazine lists Mr. Adnani in the prestigious ranks of “40 Under 40, Ones to Watch” North American executives.
  • A top investment fund owns 17% of BRI shares - legendary precious metals investor, Rick Rule of Sprott Asset Management.
  • Mr. Adnani has partnered with Mario Garnero of Brazilinvest, the top merchant bank and financial partner in Brazil.
  • His success strategy involves a two prong approach: identifying exceptional partners and employees as well as acquiring discounted properties.
  • As a BRICS nation, Brazil is the eighth largest economy in the world where officials have nurtured and fostered a mining friendly reputation, including a reasonable gold royalty rate of 1% (The World Bank, 2015).
  • The Sao Jorge project is 100% owned, includes paved highway access, a nearby workforce, and a hydroelectric power source.
  • The Cachoeira project benefits from a solid infrastructure and convenient highway access.
  • Brazil Resources has a uranium ore property in Alaska - the Whistler project has the unique benefit of $10 million in previous exploration by major firms in the industry, providing a treasure map left by earlier exploration.
  • Nick Barisheff of Bullion Management Group (BMG), notes the Tobin Q ratio and the Shiller index indicate a high probability of a 50% stock market correction.
  • The scenario presents an interesting contrarian opportunity for inventors to exchange overvalued stocks for undervalued gold.
  • He compares the current PMs correction to the late 1970's, when gold ascended by 750%.
  • If the prediction unfolds in similar fashion a gold price of approximately $8,000 - 10,000 could unfold.
  • Our guest makes the startling revelation that gold performs best during periods of economic deflation.
  • A key study spanning 300 years of financial data revealed that gold soars in purchasing power relative to most alternatives amid monetary contractions.
  • Our guest chiefly recommends bullion PMs, which provide the best safe haven characteristics in a world awash in paper assets.

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