Friday, January 29, 2016

Robert Kiyosaki & Marin Aleksov

Jan. 29, 2016
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Robert Kiyosaki & Marin Aleksov

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  • Chris welcomes back to the show, Marin Aleksov, CEO of Rosland Capital.
  • Our guest says the recent market volatility, domestically as well as in Asia, which could lead to a 2008 style market crisis, halting the FOMC rate hikes.
  • In addition, the collapse would increase appeal of safe haven assets such as precious metals.
  • Marin Aleksov is primarily concerned with the return of his wealth and less so with the return, on his portfolio.
  • Our guest advocates a gold allocation of 20%-30% per investment portfolio.
  • Investors may be placing too big an emphasis on near-term performance.
  • Gold is still higher by over 25% since 2008.
  • With gold priced at bargain levels, the risk / reward is enticing.
  • Millions of investors worldwide are seizing the opportunity to increase exposure with limited downside.
  • Chris welcomes Robert Kiyoaski, America's 'Rich Dad' back to the show, author of Second Chance: for Your Money, Your Life and Our World (2015).
  • The Rich Dad book series author expects the US share slide to continue in earnest.
  • He's convinced that the yellow metal has completed the bear market, which is why he's directing funds to the gold safe haven.
  • Investors are advised to ignore the dollar price of gold and silver and focus instead on the number of ounces in their stockpile.
  • "The biggest risk is not owning it (gold)."
  • He's watching the price of oil closely.
  • He leaves the listening audience with a warning - an epic financial crisis is imminent, much worse than 1929, 2001 or 2008.

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