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David Morgan & Dr. Chris Martenson

March 11, 2016
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David Morgan & Dr. Chris Martenson

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  • Chris welcomes Dr. Martenson from - the co-author of Prosper! is watching the crude oil market for signs of a double bottom pattern.
  • Gold is higher by about 15% so far this year and remains strong, rebounding sharply from oversold conditions.
  • Gold fundamentals continue to impress - last week, Blackrock halted issuance of new gold ETF iShares $7.7 billion, due in part to insatiable demand.
  • Gold is best positioned to benefit from a major paper money zenith - global monetary policies virtually guarantee success.
  • The domestic economy is weak, built on flimsy monetary policy and enormous corporate debt.
  • The huge P/E's ratios and sluggish growth increases the odds of a serious US equities decline.
  • Dr. Martenson highlights his self-sustaining, solar water-heater that pays remarkable dividends in the form of energy savings family as well as benefits society with a lowered carbon footprint.
  • The Silver Investor David Morgan and the host discuss the best annual start in the PMs sector in 35 years, according to The Economist magazine.
  • Our guest expects the short covering bonanza to continue for a month or two as retail investors regain confidence and push their chips back into the market.
  • His work indicates a new bull market is underway - however, additional gains could be tame as investors slowly accumulate new long positions.
  • The massive debt implosion, as outlined by the economist Schumpeter: "creative destruction" virtually insures better times to come for PMs investors.
  • When gold is priced in terms of global currencies such as Canadian dollars, the gold bull market never ended.
  • Our guest reminds the audience of the classic words of JP Morgan, "Gold is money and everything else is credit."
  • By this logic, dollars, pounds, euros, yen and yuan are all unbacked paper promises; only gold and silver are true wealth.
  • Just as the BOE gold sales of 1999-2002 marked the end of the bear market, the recent sale by the bank of Canada is a positive indication.

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